Explaining Present Blogging Scenario using Plants

Many Ask about the Present Blogging strategy and How to Run a Blog Successfully. So here I want to Present you an Simple Example to give you basics of Present Blogging Condition. This was Explained by Tony John.

(Google Plus or Facebook) What is a Blogger’s Choice?

After the Launch of Google Plus, it has became a Great Challange for Facebook to Compete. But now its a Question that Which Social Network among Facebook and Google Plus should a Blogger Use? Here is Something which I have analysed- Facebook is a Place where we get a lot of Spams as more user […]

Blogging VS Fasting

In India the word “Fasting” is one of the most popular work done by Common People. Some People (Specially Women) fast once in a Week and some once in a Month. This is because they believe that God will bless their Family members if they will do Fasting. Some People (Spicially Men) do Fasting because […]

The BluePrint for a Perfect Blog Post

Today I want to show blueprint based on My observation. Post Title: The title of your post is one of the most important aspects as it impacts both SEO and a reader’s decision to click on the post link.  The title should include a keyword or phrase that you believe your audience would use in […]