Tricks to Reveal the Secret Camera from Hotels

Now a days a lots of topics regarding the Security of Women are heard and read in different media. Its actually a Serious issue about Women security. So here is an article related the Security of Women and also men. Last time I wrote an article about “How to detect hidden camera and 2 way […]

THe 80 Giga Pixel Camera’s Picture which everyone must see

How much MegaPixel camera have you saw ever? 10, 15, 20, 30Megapixel or more. Can you imagine a view of 80GigaPixal Camera.  Yes, you can see a view of 80 GigaPixel camer online. This is a panoramic view. Just how big is it? Well, at 400,000 x 200,000 pixels, it would be about 35 meters long and 17 […]