ChatWork- A Cloud tool to Simplify Business Communication

There are lots of Stuff when you own a Business. You have to communicate with lots of People in order to Manage properly because you have to depend on others to make your Job done. Mostly one need to Assign Tasks, You want to send files, You want to discuss about the projects in Group […]

How Chatwing’s Newest Chatroom Tool Can Help Improve Any Website’s Visibility

Website visibility is a key factor that must be observed in any website or blog today. In the competitive online arena, there are thousands of niche websites—each capable of offering streams of information to everyone. Before building a website, you must first determine the value of your niche. Is the niche popular? What is the […]

How to show Large images in Facebook Chat?

  How does those works and how to get Large Images as Given in the above Image. These are nothing but the Simple arrangement if Small Pieces of Images in a Sequential Order. When a Photo or Image is uploaded in Facebook you must be noticing a Unique Code or number is generated for the […]

How to add “Me Gusta rage face” and “trollface” in Facebook Chat

Previously I have posted a Post about how to add Face Emotions into Your Facebook Chat and about How to Wish Happy New Year in a Unique Style in Facebook. But now I am going to tell you about how to add “Me Gusta rage face” and “trollface” in Facebook Chat. This is very simple Code to […]

List Of Chat Abbreviations [Tips]

I used to use  long words while I chat, But my friend used to use the abbreviations and I was unable to understand anything. Last year I used to know some of the codes and now I knew some more abbs. Here are the list of abbreviations which I want to share. And please do […]

How to wish Happy New Year 2012 using Facebook Chat to your Friend

This year lets wish our friends a new year wish in a Unique way. Lets wish through Facebook chat . I have given you a pic how I have wished my friends.   Here I want to give you the Code using which you can send your friends easily. Here is the code- [[124641767652266]] [[124642810985495]] […]

Add Face Emotions to your Facebook Chats

Now a days Facebook is changing everything in its Visual and helps us being simpler and Simpler . Now facebook has added some Simple and Cool feature in its Chat. You can show Profile Pictures and Fanpage profile photos in your Chat easily.

How to ShutDown your friends PC Which chatting with them

How to ShutDown your friends PC Which chatting with them- This is a really funny trick. Using this trick ou can hack your friends computer while you are chatting with him in any Messenger. You just need to send a small file ok some bytes and the victim needs to receive that file. Not I am going […]

Google chat YA Facebook Chat

Here is an post about which I have marked during Chatting.. On December 10, 2008 Google started a chatting service named as Google Chat.On the same year in April 7, 2008 Facebook started his own chatting service known as Facebook Chat.