How can cloud computing help your business?

Businesses are always looking to the next technological development, not only to make their own operation as efficient and effective as possible, but also to keep one or more steps ahead of the competition. IT is one of those crucial areas that can influence how even small businesses can make a difference, and the way […]

Useful Add-ons for your Dropbox Account

Dropbox provides secured (Two-Step Verification) Cloud server where you can add your Files and access them from any device connected to Internet. But with the Dropbox you can be far more than doing only Data Exchange. There are number of tools and web services available using which you can accelerate your Web works.

DropBox YA Google Drive YA Skydrive YA Others – Free Cloud Storage

Now a Days most of the Businesses have moved their platform to Cloud  as it is Fast, Secure, Flexible and Cost Effective. Similarly we want to store our Files such as Images and Documents in safe storage. For that we need to use any Cloud Storage service which is Available in the Internet and most […]

Top 5 Free Cloud Storage to Store and Backup Data

In 2013 Cloud Computing has been the Top Platform as you can Share , Collaborate projects and data online and can be accessed from a wide verity of Devices. One can store data on the Cloud, run it directly from the cloud servers without installing anything on your Computer. Some examples of Cloud Computing services […]

What is CLOUD COMPUTING, its Advantages & Disadvantages

Cloud computing is a concept to access data and services on a remote server. Cloud Computing As mentioned in the above line; Cloud computing is a concept to access data and services on a remote server. Traditionally, the company used its own infrastructure for hosting services. They bought therefore own servers and ensured the development and maintenance […]

Two Cloud Apps that Help Business Growth

No person gets into business without knowing that, at some point, he has to find a way to grow the company without dropping the ball on day-to-day operations. It’s a very tricky maneuver, considering the fact that acquiring and maintaining customers are two very different processes. Managing both at the same time requires a lot […]

What is IaaS , PaaS, SaaS in Cloud Computing?

Its the Age Of Cloud Computing and almost all of us are using the Cloud Services such as Gmail , DropBox , SkyDrive and all those stuffs. Before Starting anything let me tell you the “Cloud Computing” is using the Internet to access multiple Data, Application or services those are stored and running in Remove […]

Get 200GB of Free Cloud Storage from SymForm

Where do you store your backup data.? Most of us must be using cloud computing storing services like Dropbox and They offer a very low space not more than 5GB. But now Symform Offers us 200GB of free Cloud Storage. You can protect data upto 200GB online for free using this cloud service. Here […]