Mac Data Recovery Software Review

Mac data recovery software review

Did you accidentally delete some important files? Did you lose all your data after your computer was formatted? Well, in either case, Data Recovery Wizard can be a great solution. Yes! This Mac data recovery software will easily recover the formatted, deleted and lost files from your Mac notebooks, desktops, digital devices and storage media like your memory card or SD card. This software works quickly and easily in getting your files and data transferred. On top of that, it is also quite easy to handle. So, migrating stuff will be easy and hassle free even if you’re not a tech geek. All you need to do is follow three simple steps and you’ll soon end up recovering the old data. In case, you’re still wondering what this software is all about, here’s a quick scoop for a better and complete insight of it. Keep reading, to know better about this software, its features and price.


Features of the Mac data recovery software

The Mac data recovery software comes loaded with some viable and lucrative features. Some of them are listed below;

  • This software is equipped with a ‘scan’ and ‘deep scan’ feature for recovering your lost data and old files. With powerful ability of Mac Data Recovery, EaseUS can discover and recover everything that you had lost from your Mac desktop or storage space.
  • You can easily recover the deleted data from your Mac device or storage unit with the Mac data recovery software.
  • You can easily recover deleted files mac or lost volumes or the partitions with the special support raw recovery feature.
  • All the data in your Mac notebooks, desktops, removable drives or digital device can be effectively recovered with this software.
  • You can also recover your lost files, old images, emails, accidentally deleted documents, videos and music with this Mac data recovery software.
  • The recoveries are quick, easy and absolutely hassle free thereby adding to the advantages of using the software.


When should you use the Mac data recovery software?

With the Mac data recovery software, you can easily restore lost data under different circumstances. Some of them are listed below.

  • Mac data recovery software helps you to recover data which is lost due to accidental deleting. You can also use this software for recovering documents that are deleted accidentally while emptying trash.
  • This software can be used for recovering lost data due to improper formatting.
  • You can also use this software for recovering the lost data due to the OS X update of Mac, OS crash or even software crash.
  • Mac Data recovery software can be used if the device cannot be read; gets virus infected or is reset.


Why should you use this software?

The Mac data recovery software is absolutely safe and effective for the Mac data recovery. It device comes with a brief and extremely easy to use interface that lets you recover all kinds of lost data with absolute ease. The scanning results of the software are also prolific and easy to comprehend. On top of that, you also won’t need any previous experience of data recovery with this software. Following are some of the reasons why you should use the software;

  • The software comes equipped with two data recovery modes that turn out to be extremely effective in finding the lost files easily and quickly.
  • The software can be used easily without any hassle. All that you have to do is ensure three separate clicks to get your data back.
  • The scanning results will be stored in three separate catalogues. These are the path, type and time catalogues which will help you to find the lost files easily. Simply search the files by name in the filter and you will end up with the files quickly and easily.
  • This software allows you preview all the files and thoroughly check their quality before you recover them. For instance, you can easily preview the lost photos in thumbnail format or the cover flow format in advance.


The data recovery wizard for Mac is available at $89.95. You can purchase a mobisaver for mac along with it at a combo rate of $99.90. This rate is extremely affordable and non extravagant compared to the other popular products in the market.

Final Verdict

All in all, The Mac data recovery software is indeed one of the recovery software in the market. This software provides quick, comprehensive and absolutely hassle free recoveries. So choose this software for a power-packed performance at an easy and flexible price.

The grinch who stole data

The grinch who stole data

If you believe that the Grinch who stole Christmas was the nastiest guy ever, then think again. If you have ever come across or even heard about one of the numerous monsters lurking about in the shadows of the digital world, you would definitely change your belief for these evil villains can make the Christmas stealing Grinch look like quite a nice chap. These online Grinches can be as nasty as it gets with their stealthy weapons like all kinds of malware, keyloggers, hacking software and other such tools which they use to steal confidential information from vulnerable users and exploit it to their own advantage. Check out the high rate at which they went around slandering the security of digital users in 2012.

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What do you do with mobile data?

Mobile data traffic is wireless Internet through the network of your mobile operator. With Wi-Fi you are dependent on the range of your wireless router or hotspot reliable. Mobile internet however allows you to wherever there is good network coverage on Internet. This makes it very convenient for workers on the job, which move quickly need a reliable connection.

How do I use mobile internet?

Mobile Internet we know today, especially on our smartphone.If your mobile phone has 3G, you can create your operator’s network connection. Nowadays there are more tablets a micro-SIM and the same can. Most laptops are not yet in place, but they can with a 3G stick online. This is a USB stick with 3G chip and a micro-SIM, providing you with any laptop can also use the mobile Internet.

How much bandwidth do I use?

How many megabytes you need is a very individual question. But there are some indications. According Mobistar uses a mobile surfer on his mobile average of 10 megabytes per month. Laptop and Tablet surfers consume an average of 200 megabytes per month (figures from the first quarter of 2012). Base has fifty megabytes per month per customer regardless of the device (figures from late 2011).

What is a mobile hotspot?

With a mobile hotspot (sometimes called tethering) share the Internet connection of a device with other devices. Suppose for example you have a Smartphone that can do tethering on, then a small (secure) WiFi network where you then create your tablet and / or laptop can connect to it.

The advantage is that you only have a data plan and that you should close your mobile Internet quickly make available for other devices.

Can you everywhere mobile browsing?

Yes and no. Mobistar and Proximus have 3G coverage respectively more than 91 and 97 percent of the population. The remainder is largely completed by Edge (2G). This is the slower 3G predecessor. In Base 3G network currently reaches just over 85 percent of the population.

Please note that these networks particularly fast in the city. About the same speed in a deserted place in the Ardennes or on a speeding train hoped for, will be disappointed.

What is 4G?

4G (you’ll never guess) the successor of 3G. In optimal conditions get you 80 to 100 Mbit / s. In practice this will be slightly less, but still enough for an above average broadband connection to match.

On 4G is in Belgium still wait. The three Belgian mobile operators have a 4G license and testing the technology currently companies. Belgacom promises a commercial offer ‘for the end of 2012. Mobistar this plant from 2013. Base will also launch its network in 2012, albeit only in two cities.

What are the benefits and risks?

Mobility is undoubtedly the biggest advantage. With mobile internet can via laptop or smartphone virtually anywhere. At the same time you have your own connection between your phone and your operator. That makes a 3G connection on the go a lot more reliable than a Wi-Fi network from the hotel or a public network.

The biggest risk is an unexpectedly high bill. Modern Smartphones are regularly connected to the Internet (for example, to check for new mails). Who then no mobile internet subscription has been sitting, often pay a lot more.

Moreover, mobile internet, like telephoning abroad, a lot more expensive. Fortunately Europe this summer maximum rates imposed for data roaming. So you pay within the EU up to 70 cents per megabyte (excluding VAT). Outside Europe, switch your mobile web best from your mobile device, unless you really need it.

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