5 Reasons Why You Need to Run Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing campaign is the most important marketing strategy when it comes to driving customers to certain actions, raising brand awareness or promoting the services and products. It is a necessity to know how to write and compose the right email, how to add an email signature and then send it to the right people […]

Which is affordable ‘Social Media Marketing” or “Email Marketing”

Social media seems to have become an integral part of the web and online marketing strategies since past few years. But despite all popularity, it is unable to overshadow the use and importance of email marketing in the online marketing landscape. Email marketing is not only relevant tool but at the same time affordable, more […]

Make E-Mail an Effective Marketing Tool

No matter how popular social media marketing is, the fact remains that e-mail is still one of the most effective tools for marketing. A big problem faced by those making use of e-mail marketing is by being labeled a spammer, rendering their method useless. Due to the rise and seeming tenacity of spammers, e-mail providers […]

Atomic Mail Sender- Bridging a million gaps with faster direct mailing facilities

Over the flow of time we have found technologies undergo changes in manifold. With the coming of SMTP servers mailing technology has gained a never-before faster speed and efficacy. Amongst SMTP technologies in use, the Atomic Mail Sender deserves special mention because it features a superb built-in Simple Mail Transfer Protocol system enhancing speed and […]

Experiencing Trouble with Bulk Email Delivery? SMTP is the Solution

In this new age of digital technology, Internet has become a priority in the lives of every individual. After all, it ensures fastest and reliable communication that is much essential for securing business development and growth. Delivering letters or important information through post has become a thing of the past, ever since Internet became the […]

Sending Emails in Bulks is No More an Issue with SMTP

Digital marketing in today’s world has acquired massive importance which has rather given rise to a good number of organizations in every nook and corner of the world. What stands important in these organizations is ensuring quality emailing services since the business activities here are primarily conducted by delivering promotional emails and newsletters to the […]

How to get Email Alert on your Mobile for Free [India]

Till Now most of the Indian Mobile and Internet users do not have Internet Connection on their Mobiles. Till date they rely on cheap or free SMS updates to walk them through. Now get free Emails update on your phone . I am going to tell you the Trick. All you need is a account in  WAY2SMS .   […]