Wikipedia + Youtube = Wikitube [Chrome Extensions]

Both Wikipedia and Youtube are the best Tool of your Community. Wikipedia has the world’s biggest Encyclopedia which contains lots of world’s information where as Youtube is a Video sharing site which has a lots of Videos on their database.

Imagine if both of them are Combined to a Single site. I mean imagine if you get your Information at Wikipedia along with Youtube videos in the same page then how great it will be for a Reader. That will be great for the readers.

There is a Plugin for this. You need to Install a Chrome Extension known as WikiTube . After installing the Extension, whenever you Open any page on Wikipedia, you can see relevant Youtube Videos on the page after the Title.

After installing you can have both Entertainment and Information at a Single Page.

You can Download the Chrome Extension from here- WikiTube.

Celebrating 5th Chrome Bithday with new Desktop offline Apps

Google Chrome, the most Popular and best web browser has completed 6 years of its launch. Currently it has more than 750 Million monthly active users. Google celebrated the Birthday to Chrome be adding a new section to the Chrome Store.

The new section is “FOR YOUR DESKTOP” where you can get a new type of Chrome Apps. These apps work out of the Browser, on the desktop environment. You can use these apps Offline without opening the Chrome browser.

Google had mentioned few bulletin too about the new chrome apps in their blog,

  • Work offline: Keep working or playing, even when you don’t have an internet connection.
  • More app, less Chrome: No tabs, buttons or text boxes mean you can get into the app without being distracted by the rest of the web.
  • Connect to the cloud: Access and save the documents, photos and videos on your hard drive as well as on Google Drive and other web services.
  • Stay up-to-speed: With desktop notifications, you can get reminders, updates and even take action, right from the notification center.
  • Play nice with your connected devices: Interact with your USB, Bluetooth and other devices connected to your desktop, including digital cameras.
  • Keep updated automatically: Apps update silently, so you always get all the latest features and security fixes (unless permissions change).
  • Pick up where you left off: Chrome syncs your apps to any desktop device you sign in to, so you can keep working.
  • Sleep easier: Chrome apps take advantage of Chrome’s built-in security features such as Sandboxing. They also auto-update to make sure you have all the latest security fixes. No extra software (or worrying) required.
  • Launch apps directly from your desktop: To make it quicker and easier to get to your favorite apps, we’re also introducing the Chrome App Launcher for Windows, which will appear when you install your first new Chrome App. It lives in your taskbar and launches your apps into their own windows, outside of Chrome, just like your desktop apps. Have lots of apps? Navigate to your favorite apps using the search box.

You can get these apps from here

AdBlocker vs Anti AdBlocker [The Ads War]

There is a War of Browsers, Mobile Phones, gadgets everything you see. But now there is a War of ADs on Websites. I think you didnt understood. Lemme explain you.

Some months ago when I was using FB on my Laptop using Mobile Data my Friend Suggested me to use AdBlock Extension which usually block ads on browser which saves Internet Data, Speedup page loading and gives a Clear look of the data we search. This was very helpful for me. After that I suggested others to use the same plugin to others.

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Increase Google Chrome Speed using an Extension

Google Chrome is a Widely used browser and as in Stats in May 2012 “Google Chrome is the Best browser in India , Asia and WorldWide”  . Being a Product of Google definitely it has many different unique features and Thousand of Free Extensions , Themes and Customizations too.’

Have you ever Checked the Windows Task Manager while using Chrome Browser?

It Starts many Processes when the Browser Starts and all the Extensions installed are automatically started when the Browser starts and makes the Browser and Computer run Slow. You need to manually disable or Enable them to Increse the Speed.

Recently I came across a Etension named as One-Click Extension Manager.

It is really an Helpful Extension using which you can Disable any Extension you are using in your Browser. When you install this , it will disable all the Extensions and will allow you to Choose the one you want to Enable or disable. You can Simply Disable all our Extensions by Single click on the Disable all Extension button.

Download the Extension from Here –

One-Click Extensions Manager

How to invite all you Facebook Friends to any Event , Group or Page

This is Just a Simple Extension which is used to Select all your Friends all at a time when you want to select. You can use this Extention when you want to Invite your Friends to an Event , a Page , a Group or Even when you want to ask any question to them all at once.

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How to get the Classic Old Facebook Easily? [Extension]

Facebook has changed many of its services and Timeline is one of them . But most of us hate that. I love it but many of my friends hate it but I dont know why? I dont want to know the reason also rather its better if  I will get the solution to them.

Google Chrome will help us getting back the Old timeline.
Recently I got a new extension in  chrome which can help you in getting the old Facebook back easily.

The simple extension that restores the Newsfeed as a chronological collection of posts. It also hides the triangular blue corner tabs that appear in each story. The News Ticker panel is now hidden – it used to be visible in the Chat window and the normal view.

You can toggle the Ticker on or off with a new link near “Create an Event” on the right side of the Newsfeed.


To get the Extension Click here –

Facebook Classic


Official Google Adsense Toolbar for Chrome [Extension]

Google Has Officially released his Adsense Toolbar in Chrome using which you can view your current earnings without  leaving your Page.


The name of the Toolbar is “Adsense Publisher Toolbar by Google

You click the AdSense button and your earnings report are almost instantly display in an overlay.

The AdSense Publisher Toolbar gives AdSense publishers two easy ways to access real-time information about their accounts and the ads served on their websites.

Pop-up account overview lets you view the following at a glance:
• Account earnings summary (today, yesterday, this month, last month)
• Top 5 custom channels
• Top 5 URL channels
• Lifetime revenue

In-site ad overlay gives you the following options right in your site:
• Instant summary of each ad unit’s earnings (today, yesterday, last 7 days)
• Links to go straight to your AdSense account


You can  Install the Extension by clicking here –

AdSense Publisher Toolbar

How to Like Everything On Any Facebook Wall With Single Click

This is a Post which you must like. This post is about How to Like Everything On Any Facebook Wall With Single Click. All you need is to install a Extension in Google Chrome and use it whenever you like. You must have read my previous posts about How to Auto Poke Back all Friends in Facebook , How to get Rid of Facebook Ads .

Download this Extent ion from here-

<<<<<All Facebook Likes>>>>> .

Once you have downloaded and Installed the Extension you will get an Like symbol in the top of the bar as shown below.

Now whenever you want everything in the Page you need to click this button.


Play 3D Cricket Offline mode on Google chrome Browser

You must have used many apps in Google Chrome . You must have downloaded it from Chrome Web Store and used those many times.  There are many apps which works in Offline Mode also. But now also Play 3D Cricket in Google Chrome and that to in Offline Mode.

The name of the app is “World Cricket Championship” and the size of the Extension is 10.7MB and it is developed by Next Wave Multimedia. The best part is that you can play the Game in Offline Mode (when not connected to internet) .

You need to install Unity Web Player starting the game which is of size 573KB. You can download Unity Web Player  from the link given below.

To download and install World Cricket Championship Click below –

World Cricket Championship

To Download Unity Web Player Click below-

Unity Web Player

Download those are play your fevorite game Cricket in Offline Mode.

How To Block/Remove Annoying News Ticker From Facebook

Do you like the new facebook version and all those things that have changed in facebook? In the right panel there is a new addition of Ticker or the real time news feed which shows the latest feed or the latest happenings by our facebook friends. Do you like that? If no then I am going to tell you a simple trick using which you can Stop/Block the new News Ticker from your Facebook account.

All you need is to add a simple Extension in chrome or a Addon in your Firefox account.

The name of the extension is is News Ticker Remover.

You can download the Chrome Extension from here, NEWS TICKER REMOVER.

You can also download the addon for Firefox from here also, FACEBOOK TICKER REMOVAL.

Click on the above link to download/install the extension/addon as for your required.


How to (Auto) Poke Back your friends in Facebook?

Do you use the Poking Feature in Facebook? I think your answer is Yes. Do you like to Poke Back your Friend Everytime they Poke you? I think most of will say no for this Question. Today I will give you an Auto Poke Back trick which enables you to pokeback your Facebook friends automatically.

This is a Chrome Extension named as POKE ALL FOR CHROME.

After Installing this Extension in chrome just move your mouse to the top bar to activate auto poke.

Now you can refresh your facebook page and you can notice a poked announcement instead of poke back.

Now just touch the Poke all icon and you will see all your friends will be auto poked.


Publish sync for google+ & facebook (Green Edition) [Extension]

Do you have account in Google Plus? Do you update status, links, photos in Google + , Facebook, Twitter, etc separately. I think yes . It must take much time to do so. Now I am giving you the solution of your Problem. THere is an Chrome Extension named as Publish sync for google+ & facebook (Green Edition).

 This is a super top extension, provide two-way syncs Google+、Facebook 、Twitter、Plurk. It supports article, video, pictures and web links. It also supports sharing function which users are able to share whatever public content in Google+ to: Linkedin, Digg, Myspace, facebook, on.

To download the Extension click here.

Publish sync for google+ & facebook (Green Edition).