How much time you have wasted on FACEBOOK?

Facebook will complete its 10 years of its start on 4th February 2014. Its a Dorm Room project started by Mark Zuckerberg along with few friends as which have attracted more than 1Billion users throughout the world. TIME Magazine have created a calculator which calculates the amount of Time you have wasted on Facebook from the Day you have joined.


Click here to know check yours- TIME Magazine calculator

You can claculate the time you have spent on Facebook from the day you have started.

Happy 10th Anniversary to you, Facebook

Facebook is one of the Best Social Networking Site that will be celebrating 10th Birthday on 4th February 2014. Mark Zuckerberg has been connecting People for last 10 years are achieving success. Do You Know- Every 1 out of 12 people in this World is connected with Facebook. Even my Mom recently created an account on Facebook.

Here is an Infographic which explains the Success Story of Facebook in the Past Decade.

Happy Birthday to you, FacebookThanks.


Trick to Post Stickers to Facebook Wall

Facebook Stickers are one of the Favorite Features of many Users as they are Funny, Cool and HD. But they are only possible to show on Chat Box. Here is a Trick by Khalil using which you can share Stickers on your Wall directly. This is a cool trick using which you can Use the Sticker and Share status on your Wall.

Just click on the Image Below and Select the Exact Sticker and share it on your Wall-


Now You can Post GIF Images on Facebook [unofficially]

Facebook never allowed GIF images to show in Timeline. But its now Possible to EMBED GIF images on your Facebook Timeline.

GIPHY is an Animated image Gallery website which helps to add GIF Images on your Facebook timeline. You can use any GIF image and click on Share on Facebook Button to embed it your Facebook wall. When someone click on the Play Button it starts Playing the GIF.

Here is a DEMO.

Actually GIPHY embed a Flash Video with 10-20 frames which look like a Flash. You are wrong if you think that its a Official Facebook rollout, as Facebook has mentioned that “Facebook doesnt not Support GIF Images”.

Try your own from here.

Google and Facebook : The Creator ya The Destroyer ?

There are lots of Start-ups in the Internet. Now a days their is a large increase of Mobile Phones, Computers and Tablets in the Market. And due to this the number of Start-ups are Growing day to day and the Technology revolution is changing to Open Source or Open System. And this become platform dependent, that means the platform you choose decides what you end up doing.

Facebook and Google are Creator ya Destroyer

But there are internet giants. I mean lets consider three platforms Mobiles, Tablets and Computers. In this three platforms there are 3 major Players – Apple, Google and Microsoft. Apple and Microsoft are closed systems but Google follows open system named as Android Platform.

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Latest Facebook Scam engaging Millions of Users online

Most of us use Facebook to connect with friends and Family. As Facebook is highly crowded it has became a Great Platform for Sellers to sell and Promote their Products. And as there are such a Huge amount of consumers and sellers, it is obvious that there will be a lot of Scammers around there.

“A Facebook Page with lots of fans is a valuable online commodity”

There are many different types of Scams which spread virally in Facebook. Some of them are Click if you Hate Cancer (They ask you to click on like if you hate Cancer) , Share-to-Donate (Where they will ask you to share some information to donate) , Share-to-Pray (same as former), Click to see what happens (actually nothing happens but they ask to do so), Click if you think he/she’s beautiful, Free gift card or voucher, See who’s viewing your profile and many other Scams.

Pages with 100,000 likes can be sold for $200, according to adverts unearthed by Pearce.

Previously in India there was a scam of Free Mobile Recharge in which if a user will click in like button then they will get free mobile recharge. Recently I saw a Page where it was written “Type the number 1 and see what happens in the picture!” and there is a Picture of “guatemala sink hole“. The picture was uploaded on  December 29, 2012 and I checked on January 27, 2013 and I saw an amazing result. The Picture for around 311,000 likes with 30,000 shares and 15,00,000 comments. I was seriously shocked.

Here is the screenshot of the Image-

heightsss of Fool FB users


“Be careful and be responsible with what content you Like and Share on Facebook, because the ramifications of those actions have unseen consequences…”

One thing you must remember that whenever you like, share or comment anywhere in Facebook, you are indirectly promoting the Picture or the Profile. Not just only your friends, Facebook too thinks that it is a Valuable information and it is spreads all over the Facebook. So be Careful Next time.


Turn Facebook into a Valuable Marketing Tool

Business owners have already come to realize the power of using Facebook as a great marketing tool. The company gains followers by creating a page that encourages interaction with existing customers and in gain new ones in the process. However, it takes work and a good strategy to make a Facebook page work. Here are a few tips on how to do that.

Create Interest Lists

Facebook’s Interest List can help a business filter the content they get from other brands and their customers, being able to keep track of trends and rivals. Create different lists of friends or family that have similar interests with you, as well as creating lists that will be for business reasons.

Get fans involved with relevant content

Any brand has the power to be personified with their Facebook page which means that the moderator of the page has to be very careful about coming off as a spammer. Post content that is meant to engage your customers and get the word around. By accumulating comments, shares, or uploaded content to your page, your EdgeRank score goes up, enabling your page to be more visible to potential customers by way of your fans. Posts that encourage interaction are usually effective when made creative or fun, compelling the people who see them to share. They are supposed to be both informative and entertaining to get the best reaction. For example, Ben & Jerry’s Facebook page was used as an avenue to promote its Flipped Out ice cream by allowing fans to flip text they type.

Marketing on Facebook, sales through e-mail

The point of Facebook is marketing and is not a channel for outright sales. Once you have a solid Facebook page, you can now use another form of marketing: e-mail. You can take a look at your biggest fans and e-mail them for sales opportunities while creating a relationship in the process. Make sure the content you send via e-mail is just as appealing as the content on your Facebook page to make sure that your message has a chance of being read and not relegated to the Trash folder.

Turn fans into paying customers

Once you see the number of people “talking about” your page has reached a satisfactory one, you may now take measures for next steps outside of Facebook. You may provide interested buyers with a post that does more than invite them to share or like, but entices them to visit a link beyond Facebook. You may lead them to your website or if you would like, you may keep them within the confines of Facebook by using an app. Convincing them to click a link requires trust and by directing them to a website that is just as cleverly made as the page you have on Facebook, you have a higher chance of converting those interested individuals into paying customers.


Author’s Bio: Henry Conrad is a 29-year-old game developer from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Aside from gaming and being a tech junky, he also dabbles in creative writing, which allows him to create great storylines and backgrounds for his characters. Follow me on Twitter and join me in Google +

Two Step Verfication – Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Dropbox and WordPress

Two Step Verification or Two Factor Authentication is a new security measure to protect your Account from Getting Hacked from the Hackers by Providing another Level of Security. Here along with the Username and Password you have to get verified through your mobile, where a Temporary code will be sent to your Mobile and after entering the code you can access your accounts.

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Convert your Facebook Profile to a Professional Resume

Today almost everyone of us have a Facebook Account using which we used to connect with Our Friends, chat with them, share thoughts and yes we do Birthday wishes using Facebook. Some of us use LinkedIn to connect with different Contact Corporations and using our Resume to apply for a Job.

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How Virus and Malware Spread by Hackers

Everyday Thousands of Computers being Infected by Viruses / Malwares / Trojans even the computers have “Premium Antivirus” loaded in their computers. Previously hackers used to attack only Windows Computers but now they also target iOS and Linux too.

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The Internet Difference between 2002 and 2012 [Infographic]

When we calcualte the value of 10 Internet Years then it becomes Very huge because of the Rapid Development of Tools and Online Stuffs.

In 2002, we were using Internet Explorer, AIM, Desktops, where as now in 2012, we use Tablet, Twitter, Netflix, wikipedia, chrome, apple, gmail, facebook, android, Laptop and all.

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Sister of Facebook founder started working at Google

Arielle Zuckerberg, the sister of Facebook founder, on his Facebook profile released that  she works for Google and she is very proud.

“I am in Israel and I just found out that I was one of the employees at Google. I will not lie to you. It’s a weird feeling, but I am also proud that I am part of the Wildfire team,” says Arielle in a post on her wall.

Arielle in fact last year got a job in the Wildfire company as a manager, leading internet media promotion using circus troupes, like the famous circus Cirque du Soleil.

Given that the company recently is acquired by Google, Arielle is automatically became his employee, which is actually pretty interesting situation.

Another Randy Zuckerberg’s sister (a former marketing director and spokesperson for Facebook), Arielle was congratulated with the comment that “now more family members Zuckerberg works in Google than Facebook,” but it is not clear what she meant, so immediately has began to circulate stories that Google bought the company RtoZ Media to spite Mark.

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