Create Your Facebook Cover With Instagram Photos

Almost all of us use Facebook on a Daily basis. Some use it to connect with friends , some use to Share their Site. And last year Facebook added Various Features such as Timeline and many others. Previously I have said about some Timeline cover tips such as creating usingFriends Profile Pics , TrickedOutTimeline . But now I am going to tell about a […]

Top 10 Developers in Facebook in 2012

Facebook is one of the Most Popular and Widely used application Online. And Facebook allow Developers to Develop there own Tools and Products and Promote/earn through Facebook. So here I have did some research and listed the details aout Top 10 Developers in Facebook in 2012. 1. Zynga 2. Research In Motion, Ltd. 3. MyCalender 4. […]

How to get the Exact Post Stats from Facebook and Twitter

We all share our Links of Our Blog / Website in Facebook and twitter and many other Social Media Sites . And most websites have Social Sharing Page in their Pages by Default. But can we know about the Statistics what how many people have Clicked that and shared that Info. Here I want to […]

(Google Plus or Facebook) What is a Blogger’s Choice?

After the Launch of Google Plus, it has became a Great Challange for Facebook to Compete. But now its a Question that Which Social Network among Facebook and Google Plus should a Blogger Use? Here is Something which I have analysed- Facebook is a Place where we get a lot of Spams as more user […]

How to Share A Single Post in Multiple Facebook Groups

We use Facebook to Connect with Friends and Colleagues online . Many of us stay online for the whole day. Facebook has a Nice Feature named as Facebook Groups which now a days is much popular . I have Joined / Forcibly Joined in almost 250 Groups. Most of the Bloggers Get Traffic by Posting their Links […]

The Facebook IPO : Here’s what all the buzz is About

  Projected to raise more than 13 billion dollars, the Facebook IPO is on course to be the largest tech IPO in history. From Mark Zuckerberg’s expected worth, to the company’s quickly growing user base, there’s a lot to consider about this historic initial public offering. While investigators speculate if Facebook, which derives most of […]

Social Media Report of Local Facebook Pages in India -April 2012

There are almost 46 Million Facebook Users in India and many of them stay Online atleast once a Day. SocialBakers has provided a Quarterly Local Report of the Statisics of the Facebook Fan Pages in India duing Aptil 2012. It consist of the Rankings of the Most Popular, Engaging and Responsive Local Brands and Media Pages in […]

How to Backup your Facebook Data?

Why do you Use Facebook? Alomst all of us use Facebook to be Social. We chat, save Pictures, Videos, write on Walls etc etc. Now a days Facebook has became a Primay Method for Sending Messages inside a Office or even to Friends. The best part is that anything we chat with any friend it […]

How to show Large images in Facebook Chat?

  How does those works and how to get Large Images as Given in the above Image. These are nothing but the Simple arrangement if Small Pieces of Images in a Sequential Order. When a Photo or Image is uploaded in Facebook you must be noticing a Unique Code or number is generated for the […]

Google Official Fanpages at Plus , Facebook, Twitter

Now a days are of us spend time over the internet by doing Facebook, Google, Twitter and lots of Social and Online Applications. If you are running a business, Website or Blog then you must be having a Fanpage or Businesspafe in popular Social Sites such as Google Plus , Facebook and even Twitter.