Facebook Announced Timeline For Pages

Facebook has anounced that the new TimeLine for Pages in Facebook will be love from 30th March for all Facebook pages. Previously Facebook have Activated the Timeline for Public Profile and most of my friend were not happy with that change and wanted to change it back and it was somehow possible for own PC.

Play “ANGRY BIRD” with Facebook Friends

“Angry Bird – By Rovio” – This is the Played, Most Downloaded and Most Famous and My Fevorite game now a days. Along with PC the game is Avaiable in iPhone, iPad, Android and Nokia too. Also we have a Chrome App where we can play the Game Offline for free in HTML5 Version and […]

How many People use Pinterest , FB, Twitter, YT, SU every minute

Now a days Social Media is the Best and the Only media to share information over the internet. There are thousand of Keywords generated every time around the social media which help us to connect and share information. Many Thing Happens Every Minute. So, Social JumpStart made an Infographic to shoe tho much things is […]

Is it true that Facebook will end on March 15th, 2012?

Is it true that Facebook will end on March 15th, 2012? “NO, Facebook Will Not End on 15th March 2012” This is the Question which I have heard hundred of times from my Friends from the day the Rumor / Hoax has been started spreading. You must have seen this in the news or from […]

Warning ! Girls Dont Upload You Photo in Facebook

I have been Continuously Posting about Fake Accounts and Scams related to Facebook. But this Post is regarding to Girls. Now a Days Users of Facebook is Increasing at a Very High rate. Recently while I was surfing the internet I found something strange . I saw some account which have same Profile Picture . I mean […]

Add Twitter Fan Box Widget Just like Facebook Fan Box

This Twitter Fan Widget is Designed by Mark Carey @Moopz which looks Just like Facebook Fan Box with some differences. As in Facebook Fan Box it shows the 10 Random Followers but this Widget will show 10 Recent Followers.

How to get the Classic Old Facebook Easily? [Extension]

Facebook has changed many of its services and Timeline is one of them . But most of us hate that. I love it but many of my friends hate it but I dont know why? I dont want to know the reason also rather its better if  I will get the solution to them. Google Chrome will […]

“Dexter and Didi” New Facebook Cover Hack

Most of us must have watched Cartoon Network and I love to see the Program named as Dexter’s Laboratory.  We are using Facebook too. The Facebook has been changing continuously and it has added a new Feature named as Timeline few days ago. I am a great fan of the Timeline and thanks to Facebook for making such a […]

Create Facebook Timeline Cover Photo from Your Friend Profile Pictures

You must be using the New facebook timeline and must be searching over the internet all the time for a new Cover Picture for your Profile. Previously I have posted about the Top Facebook Profile Cover Picture of 2011. Now If you want to make a unique Cover Photo of your own then it is […]

How to Generate Cool n Symbolic Facebook Status- Fsymbols

You may be updating status on Facebook almost daily. We use simple text to Update our Status. This is Very Boring always looking to a same text always. But you must have seen some status or in About me page of your Friends or any Fanpage written in a Unique Style like the Image given below- […]

How to add “Me Gusta rage face” and “trollface” in Facebook Chat

Previously I have posted a Post about how to add Face Emotions into Your Facebook Chat and about How to Wish Happy New Year in a Unique Style in Facebook. But now I am going to tell you about how to add “Me Gusta rage face” and “trollface” in Facebook Chat. This is very simple Code to […]