How to wish Happy New Year 2012 using Facebook Chat to your Friend

This year lets wish our friends a new year wish in a Unique way. Lets wish through Facebook chat . I have given you a pic how I have wished my friends.   Here I want to give you the Code using which you can send your friends easily. Here is the code- [[124641767652266]] [[124642810985495]] […]

Add Face Emotions to your Facebook Chats

Now a days Facebook is changing everything in its Visual and helps us being simpler and Simpler . Now facebook has added some Simple and Cool feature in its Chat. You can show Profile Pictures and Fanpage profile photos in your Chat easily.

Auto Birthday Wisher for Facebook [Extension]

Everyone is Using Facebook now a days and almost all of us have atleast 200Friends in our account and almost adily there is someones Birthday. So it is bit Difficult to Wish all your Friends to wish them in their Birthdays. So there is an Extention in Chrome which can help you in this Case. […]

How to Hide ads from Facebook in Chrome? [Extension]

Most of us use Facebook now a days. Many of us using Broadband or and other internet plans which limits upto some GBs. While surfing Facebook you must have seen unwanted ads in the Left side panel. It is for no use. Now I am going to tell a Simple Trick using which you will […]

Dont Click on Free Recharge links in Facebook. Its a Scam.

Now a days Scam/Spam both are the main problem in Social networks which is Increasing day to day at a higher Speed. Innocent guys click the link and have to wait forever for their recharge and it never happens. Many of My friends have clicked on that link and also spread the news too as […]

Send n Share Movies, Games upto 2GB with Friends in Facebook [How to]

Most of us use Facebook as our Primary Source to connect between our Friends. Many of us also use Applications and Games in FB. Do you know that you can Transfer Movies, Files, Games upto size 2GB to your Facebook Friends for free. Yes, Now you can do that easily. You can share n allow […]

How to Change the Facebook Login Screen [Extension]

You must be logging into your Favorite Social Networking site “Facebook”almost daily. All the time you login you must be see the Default boring login Screen with the Image in the right side and Signup page in the bottom. Now I am going to tell you about the Extension using which you can get your Customized […]

Can we Deactivate/Disable the New Facebook Timeline?

Yes We can Deactivate – Click here to know- How to Deactivate/Disable the Facebook Timeline [Working]   Today Whole days my friends are asking me questions like “How to deactivate Facebook Timeline?” , How to fet old facebook profile back?”  “How to remove Facebook timeline”  and all those questions . But they failed to get […]

Facebook Timeline Rolls out Worldwide (Finally for 800Million Users)

Facebook finally rolled out its latest service TIMELINE for all 800million users on Thursday. Till now this frature ws available for few people but now it is available for everybody. Timeline allows users to compile and let others see everything they have shared so far, from photos, stories to shared videos, music etc. According to […]

Fake where your Facebook status was posted from using PostedVia

Most of us Update our Facebook Status from Phone or PC or Laptop.  But now it is possible to update your status from any device using an webapp named as PostedVia.   PostedVia is a simple, easy-to-use tool that lets you fake where your Facebook status was posted from. You can choose from a huge variety of […]

How to Like Everything On Any Facebook Wall With Single Click

This is a Post which you must like. This post is about How to Like Everything On Any Facebook Wall With Single Click. All you need is to install a Extension in Google Chrome and use it whenever you like. You must have read my previous posts about How to Auto Poke Back all Friends in Facebook , How […]

How to Identify a Fake Account in Facebook

    Now a Days the number of Fake Accounts are increasing rapidly at a high rate from which it is very difficult to know whether a Account is fake or real. Whenever you recieve a friend request whether it is a account of a friend or not. I have recieved about 50 friend requests […]