How to Detect a SCAM site & Protect yourself

Everyone wants to Earn money online. Because they think that its very easy. Some sites promise that they will pay for Every Visit/referral/registration etc. Some scam sites are AvailPay,,,,, rechargeincome, . There are lots of others scam sites. We cant list all the sites but I can tell you some methods from which you can detect […]

Warning ! Girls Dont Upload You Photo in Facebook

I have been Continuously Posting about Fake Accounts and Scams related to Facebook. But this Post is regarding to Girls. Now a Days Users of Facebook is Increasing at a Very High rate. Recently while I was surfing the internet I found something strange . I saw some account which have same Profile Picture . I mean […]

Fake where your Facebook status was posted from using PostedVia

Most of us Update our Facebook Status from Phone or PC or Laptop.  But now it is possible to update your status from any device using an webapp named as PostedVia.   PostedVia is a simple, easy-to-use tool that lets you fake where your Facebook status was posted from. You can choose from a huge variety of […]