All new Real-Time Weather Report Billboard [Fun]

A new Real-Time Weather Report Billboard. Previously I had posted about a WebApp named as My Weather – Your Personalised Local Weather Forcast, Rader and Storm Warner. But this is also amazing :p Source- MakeUseOf

HTTP status codes with Meooowwwwww – Using Cat Photos [Ultimate List]

Remembering HTTP Status Codes is bit Difficult to remember because there are Lots of Codes and they are very difficult to remember. GirlieMac, aka Tomomi Imura have won the internet with her deftly conceived and Photoshopped series of HTTP status message. After watching these Pictures you will definitely remember some of the HTTP Codes because I learnt […]

A 56Second Youtube Video Worth $500,000

“CHARLIE BIT ME” Have you Missed this 56Second Video? The Video about which I am talking about is a UK Based cherubic 1year Old Boy (Charlie) and his 3year Old Brother (Harry). Charlie is seen sitting on Happy’s Lap on a leather chair & Harry playfully offers Charlie his other finger taking close to his […]

Search for “Zerg Rush” in Google , it decimates Google search

Goto Google and Search for “Zerg Rush” without quotes and you will be welcomed by a Mini Point-and-shoot Game where there are Infinite number of Enemy of Color-Coded O’s . The Enemy will Start Decimating your Search results. If you didnt understand then you need to search it and see by your self.

Wish “Happy Birthday” in 25 Different Languages

[Off Topic] How do you Wish Happy Birthday to your Friends / Family Members on their Birthdays. Here I want to show you how to Wish Happy Birthday in 25 Different Languages. By default we know that “Happy Birthday” in English . But I have listed how to wish in different languages such as German […]

Google Loves Mathematics (Funny Search Graph)

Google Loves Mathematics (Funny Search) – Perviously I have posted about Some Tricks to get FUN from Google Search (askew , Do a barrel roll , Recursion , gravity and many more) . MOst of my friends loved most of the tricks as you can get from just a google search. Today I got a new […]

Have fun with your Mouse at Mousie

Selfcontrolfreak is a collecton of various inteactive videos where you can control the video just by moving your mouse. Do fun with your mouse by moving like left,right,un, down and clicking. You will be surprized by watching those activities. The concept and design of Selfcontrolfreak is done by a Dutch independent multimedia designer Olivier Otten. There […]