How to Play Games which require High Graphics with 3D Analyze

Can you play games which Requires high Graphics to Run? If No then this Post is for you. My friend brought a Beand New Game to
play in his Computer but when he tried to run the Game after installing it showed a black screen and was able to here the sound
only and nothing else. He asked me about it and I said that he has low VGA/Graphics Card thats why he is unable to play the

After that I searched the Internet about any method using which one will able to play a Game which requires High VGA in his Low
VGA laptop. And as usual I was success in finding the solution. The name of the Software is 3D Analyzer – Savior of Tommti

3D analyser is a Free Software that can Optimize the Graphics Card and the VGA Card so that you can play and enjoy High
Graphics Games.3D analyzer created and refined to overcome limitations posed by the modern games and other applications on
some mainstream current mainstream 3D Cards.

3D Analyzer sort of “trick” your system thinks it has a Nvidia, or ATI graphics card! Of course, games and applications will run in the
mode they usually will (with a standard graphics and such). If you have an Intel like my friend then you can now play games like
“Devil May Cry 3”, “The Witcher”, “Resident Evil 4” , “Call Of Duty 7, MW3” , “GTA4” and all new games. So use it to play games.
You can play with various options to play around with it, and get a different game.

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This is a Guest Post by Susanta Jena .

20 Resources for Printable Family Games

Your kids are always looking for something to do, which can cost a small fortune in toys and games. Fortunately you can encourage your kid’s creative expression for free with the help of simple, and free, printable games. To get your printable games, check out these twenty links and start downloading now!

1. Family Bingo


Customise the BINGO cards so that the squares contain the names of everyone in your family. Print the cards out, one for each player. Try a simple game of check-off for young children, then lead them into the real game of BINGO. A call card can also be printed out.

2. Family Trivia


Print out the sheet of family questions, ones which apply to every family. Add clues if no one knows. Keep track of who gets the most correct answers.

3. It’s A Family Affair


Print out the mixed-up list of fictional children on television shows, and make it a contest to match the name to the TV show. Be sure to print out both versions of this game.

4. What’s in the Cookie Jar


Print out the list of clues for the various types of cookies. The winner of this game will be the one who can guess the cookie with the least number of clues. Let the winner pick a cookie from the kitchen cookie jar.

5. Christmas Trivia


Copy and paste in a word processing program, and print out this list of questions about Christmas. The winner is whoever gets the most questions correct. You might set a time limit in which someone must answer a question, or pass.

6. Winter Word Scramble


Print out the list of scrambled words enough times for all the players, and one copy of the answer key. Set a time limit, and pass out the sheets. Whoever finishes the most correctly first wins.

7. Christmas Movie Match Up

Print out one copy of the answer sheet and multiple copies of these questions about the stars of classic Christmas movies, such as “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” and “Miracle on 34th Street.”

8. Christmas Carol Match Up

Print out the answer sheet, and several copies of the mixed-up list of Christmas carol names and lyrics. the goal is to match up the name and the lyric.

9. Create a Creature Mix-n-Match Game for Halloween

Print out the sheet of playing cards, each of which contains a monster head, a monster body, and a set of monster legs. Cut out the cards, and let the kids’ imaginations run riot as they match up different body parts to create their own monstrous creatures.

10. Silly Circus Performers Memory Game

Print out the sheet of cards and cut them apart. There are a matching pair of circus performers. Once all the cards are placed face down, the goal is to pick one, reveal it and try to find the matching one. If wrong, both cards, go back face down. Game is random at first, but memory comes into play as players try to remember the location of a card one previously revealed.

11. Pirate Word Scramble

Print the answer sheet, and many copies of the list of mixed-up words that pertain to pirates and their nefarious actions. First player to unscramble all the words wins.

12. Battleship Simple Paper Game

It’s the classic Search & Destroy game. Print out two sets of the grids, one for your ships, and the other for your guesses at the position of your opponent’s ships.

13. Car Search

Unscramble the lists of scrambled words pertaining to car. First one done wins.

14. Connect the Dots Race

Print out the dot pattern, and start the contest for two people. One person draws a line between two dots, then the other person connects two dots. Whoever ends up with a continuous path from side to side or from top to bottom wins.

15. Brain Binders

Print out the pattern, and fold it to match the picture, with a solid colour on each side.!

16. Tanagram

Print out the sheet of ancient Chinese puzzle pieces, and cut them out. Make them fit into various shapes.

17. Crossword Puzzles

Crosswords are an old favourite. Pick out your favourite subject.

18. What Would You Do? Playing Cards

Print and cut out the playing cards that describe ethical and moral situations. Get your kids discussing responsibility and values.

19. Clown Connect the Dots

Connect the dots to see the picture of the clown car.

20. Silly Sentences

Print out the sheets of unfinished sentences, fill in the blanks, and try the tongue twisters.

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