How to send Free SMS from Gmail

Most of us use Gmail as our Primary Email ID. But many of my friends dont use regulalry for mailing because as they are connected with Facebook and they get thousand of Email Notification. I suggest them to change their Facebook Email notification Setting and remove all their Old mails in Gmail and make it […]

How to Undo a sent Email in Gmail ?

  When I was in my 11th Standard , while studing about Email my Sir said me that Disadvantage of Email is that you cannot Undo a Email after it is Sent. I have remembered that point till now. But now I got surprised to know that We can “Undo a Sent Email” in Gmail. I […]

How to delete All you Inbox Emails in Gmail Easily

In must of the Social Sites such as Facebook, if you join the Default Setting is Enabling the Email Notification. That means if any notification came then it will be directly notified through Email. Most of my friends who have joined Facebook , dont use their Gmail because there are thousands of Notification email in […]

Remove Adss From Gmail Mail [chrome extensions]

Do you want to remove the ads in the right/top/buttom panel when you open any mail in gmail.? If yes then here is the solution. Now you can Removes all the ads present in Gmail™ (top/right/bottom) and puts in place diverse changes for a better user experience. “Ad Remover for Gmail™“ is the only Extension out […]