Google Reader Dead, here’s the alternatives

google reader alternatives

Google Reader is a service which was provided by Google to get Organized Feed and RSS from your Favorite Blogs. But they have announced that some services including Google Readers will be closed from July 2013. As many people use this services they get are searching for alternatives of it. Here I have listed few best alternatives of Google Readers which will help you.

google reader

Feedly is a RSS Feed reader which works in various Web Browsers and mobile devices and Kindle. Its the best alternative to Google Readers which I am also using now. Just Visit Feedly and Login with your Google Accounts. Feedly will automatically synchronize all your feed from Google Reader.

Netvibes is a Personalized Dashboard for RSS feed. It looks a bit disordered when you see it for the first time. It has a Good Structure which looks similar to Google Reader.

Good Noows is a RSS Feed application where you can sign in using various Social Networking accounts and the interface is great for quick view od RSS Feeds.

The Old Reader is also a Popular RSS Feeds where you can import Feeds from your Google Reader Accounts. It is the Cleanest user interface among all the Readers.

You can use any of the RSS Feed reader but I will suggest Feedly as I am using it.


How to Create a Form using Google Docs [Drive]

Google Docs is the easiest way to create a Form, Doc, Spreadsheet online easily for free and store them in the Cloud , share it with everyone too. You can create Awesome forms using Google Docs. Here I want to show you how to create a Form using Google Drive Easily. No need to learn any code to use this. This is very user friendly.


Below there is a Video tutorial which explains your fully.

In Order to create a Form you need to Login into your Google Drive account using your Google Login Details. After login in you can find a Create button. Click on it and Select Form from the Option.


After Selecting a New Tab will be opened with some awesome design of Forms. Select the one you like to use. As all are free you any of them.



After Selecting your Theme click on Ok option and you will find the Options to set such as Title of the Form, Form Description. Add as much as options such as Checkbox, Text box , text field etc.



If you want to add more options then you can easily add by clicking on the Add button and selecting your required option. After Done everything you can now save the form and click on the Done option . It will give you a like which will start as…… . All you need is to save this link and send it to your friends so that they can response to your form easily.

After everything is done, Google creates a Response Spreedsheet in the drive where you can check the responses easily .


The best part of Google Forms is that any one can post anonymously in the Drive.

Here is a Video Tutorial where you can know everything clearly-


5 On-Page SEO Strategies that Help You Rank on Google

You’ve got a website, but the problem is it doesn’t appear on the first page of Google. How will your potential clients know you even exist?

Sure, you’ve probably applied every single search engine optimization (SEO) tactic in the book, but you’re still not in the position you desire to be in. The problem may lie in the way you executed these strategies.

What you need to do is take a long hard look at the things you are doing ON your page and assess what you are doing wrong. To give you an idea of the SEO strategies you need to be focusing on, check the following points:

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Google and Facebook : The Creator ya The Destroyer ?

There are lots of Start-ups in the Internet. Now a days their is a large increase of Mobile Phones, Computers and Tablets in the Market. And due to this the number of Start-ups are Growing day to day and the Technology revolution is changing to Open Source or Open System. And this become platform dependent, that means the platform you choose decides what you end up doing.

Facebook and Google are Creator ya Destroyer

But there are internet giants. I mean lets consider three platforms Mobiles, Tablets and Computers. In this three platforms there are 3 major Players – Apple, Google and Microsoft. Apple and Microsoft are closed systems but Google follows open system named as Android Platform.

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Host your Website with Google Drive for Free

Till now Google Drive was functioning as a Virtual Hard Drives but few days ago Google announced that they will allow web developers to share and view entire site by hosting it in Google Drive. Anyone can upload HTML, CSS and even Java Scripts.


After some tweaks you can publish your website and run from Google Drive. Here are the Simple steps which you can use to Host website in Google Drive.

  • Login to Google Drive account using Google Credencials.
  • Create a New Folder in it and share it as “Public on the Web.”
  • Uload all your HTML, CSS and JS files to this folder.
  • Now, Open the HTML File and click on the “Preview button appear in the toolbar.
  • Thats it. How you can share the link or the URL which looks like….. and anyoone can view the site.

This is very useful for Developers and Students to host their file and they can easily show the demo of their sites to Clients and Techers.

Use Google To Find Any Tourist Places anywhere

google search

If you love to travel and usually spend some time in Travelling then this is for you. Mostly we search in Google to Find Tourist Places and those are linked to different tourist websites. But now you can know the top tourist places of a perticulat city or location directly in Google Search Result Page.

All you need is to search Things to do in City . You can replace City with any Place, city, state, Country. In the result you will find the Visual List of different Places.

Search Tourist Places



Increase Google Chrome Speed using an Extension

Google Chrome is a Widely used browser and as in Stats in May 2012 “Google Chrome is the Best browser in India , Asia and WorldWide”  . Being a Product of Google definitely it has many different unique features and Thousand of Free Extensions , Themes and Customizations too.’

Have you ever Checked the Windows Task Manager while using Chrome Browser?

It Starts many Processes when the Browser Starts and all the Extensions installed are automatically started when the Browser starts and makes the Browser and Computer run Slow. You need to manually disable or Enable them to Increse the Speed.

Recently I came across a Etension named as One-Click Extension Manager.

It is really an Helpful Extension using which you can Disable any Extension you are using in your Browser. When you install this , it will disable all the Extensions and will allow you to Choose the one you want to Enable or disable. You can Simply Disable all our Extensions by Single click on the Disable all Extension button.

Download the Extension from Here –

One-Click Extensions Manager

How to Display 100 Google Search Results in Single Page

Google is the Best Search Engine Ever made and its Searching Algorithms and Search Result Page design also changes regularly. I dont know when , but today I came to know that we can change the number of Results one page will show you in Google while searching.

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When common People Use Google Search

Most of the Common People Use Social Networking Sites such as Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest and Google Plus etc. But from the Day I learnt Internet I have seen most of the people use Google Search while Surfing the Internet. After some analysis I can to know about some reason why poeple use Google Search. Here I want to display some common reasons for which Common People use Google Search.

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Two Step Verfication – Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Dropbox and WordPress

Two Step Verification or Two Factor Authentication is a new security measure to protect your Account from Getting Hacked from the Hackers by Providing another Level of Security. Here along with the Username and Password you have to get verified through your mobile, where a Temporary code will be sent to your Mobile and after entering the code you can access your accounts.

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Social Media: Twitter and Google Plus Make Changes

It seems that some of the hottest social media topics have recently centered on the mother companies. For example, Twitter has made a move to increase its hold on content that streams through its portal online. Google +, on the other hand, has brought about a situation where apps by the mother company, such as, maps will be accessible by subscribers as a matter of fact.

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