Add Facebook tab in Google Plus [Extension]

Have you ever imagined that you can also view the streams of Facebook in Google plus. Now you can add facebook stream directly in your Google plus account . It is a chrome extension using which you can do so. The name of this Extension is ” Facebook for Google+ “. To Download this chrome […]

Google+ dominated time to reach 20 million

Have you ever imagined how fast the Google+ will reach 20million. I have thought that it will take about 6month or more to get so much of users. But I was astonished to see the graph of how fast it took to reach this number of customer. 

Facebook “LIKE” vs Google “PLUS”

There is a great war going between Google and Facebook in terms of Social Network. Facebook has the Power of “LIKE” where has Google has all new “PLUS” . So What do u like to do? Plus or Like..

Create your Own Vanity URLs for Google+

Till the time Google+ comes up with its own Vanity URL structuring and support, a third party service has already introduced vanity URLs for Google+ profile and the short url does not look odd at all. It looks as if the service is from Google.

Google+ Provided Unlimied Picasa Storage

Picasa is limited to 1GB of storage (unless you pay up for more Google bytes) . But now You can upload unlimited photos (limit  2048×2048) and videos (under 15 minutes)  in Google+ and it doesn’t touch your storage limit.

Which is better- Google YA Bing

It has been about 2years long, I am talking about search fight ie Google vs  Bing. Google is a search engine started on September 4, 1998 and similarly Bing is a search engine of microsoft started on June 3, 2009. Most of us use Google as our default search engine but what if we compare both Google […]

How to Get Twitter Updates in GTalk []

Now you dont need to open twitter always to view the tweets. is a Google Bot which allows you  to combine Twitter and Gtalk and you can easily tweet, retweet, quote, follow, unfollow and send direct mail to your followers and friends. This Bot integrates Twitter app in your Gtalk.

Google chat YA Facebook Chat

Here is an post about which I have marked during Chatting.. On December 10, 2008 Google started a chatting service named as Google Chat.On the same year in April 7, 2008 Facebook started his own chatting service known as Facebook Chat.