Where You may get Hacked!

We always want privacy and we usually post our Details fully on Facebook. I have seen guys post on Facebook that they got their First credit card and then after few days they post their School ID Cards. This means you can easily get hacked. We may not worry about identity theft as much as […]

Steps to Take Back From Website Hackers

The virtual world has changed greatly in the last couple of years and so have hacker attacks. Companies around the world have experienced various encounters with hackers and have lost a lot of time and data to them. One of the most important problems that companies experience is the loss of confidential information. This means […]

Hackers run their own social network

Hackers from the famous group “Anonymous” decided to launch a social network called AnonPlus or revolution. The team of hackers who are behind several major attacks this year in the protected systems of different companies and organizations around the world is preparing to launch its own social network. The group decided on this move after […]

Hackers are sending a satellite into space

The famous annual gathering called hacker Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin, a hacker activist Nick Farr said he is nearing the moment when the international hacker community in orbit will get its first satellite, with the aim “to seize control of the terrestrial entity.” Farr says that on the collection of money for the launch […]