Is the Higher Price of iPad Mini Justified?

Apple has entered the market for small screen tablets with its recent release of the iPad Mini. The device has created quite a stir with industry experts and analysts jumping to conclusions and passing verdicts. Although many have reserved appraisal for this gem of a tablet concept from Apple, there are many others, who believe […]

iPad Mini: Why it will keep Apple on Top

If it’s that time of the year when your iPad contract is coming up for renewal, then perhaps the upcoming iPad mini is something you may want to add to your gadget collection. The first question you may ask yourself is why would Apple release the iPad Mini? It’s not as if Apple aren’t dominating […]

IPadian- A Free IPad Simulator For Windows

Out of the most expensive and the exclusive products of Apple iPad is the most unique. The quality of the products are incomparable. iPadian is an iPad stimulator for windows in which we can use and access all the features of iOS in our Windows 7 , Vista or XP.  This software comes with preinstalled Facebook, […]