How To Lock Your Computer/Laptop Using Mouse

How do you lock your computer/Laptop? You must be using “Windows + L” or “Ctrl+Alt+Del” to lock your Laptop. Now I am going to tell you a simple trick using which you can lock your computer using your Mouse only. So of you might also knew this trick before. Here we go- 1. Right Click […]

Download OVI Apps directly in your Laptop

We used to download Nokia applications from Nokia OVI Store from our mobile and it took more time and we are unable to send it from bluetooth. Now I am going to tell you a trick in which you can download your OVI application directly in your PC/Laptop. Visit and login or if you dont […]

Repair Your Laptop at Club Laptop

Club Laptop is Laptop Repairing Corporation started in India and It have about  50 branches including a branch in Orissa. What do you do If your laptop breaks down or your LCD goes off. You probably go  to a repairing center and tell them to repair and they take a huge amount to repair it […]