Win Fancy pendrives, 3D Mouse, Custom Tshirts [Closed]

So after successfully completion of  giveaways like Free Recharges , Windows 8 and WebHostings RIGHTyaLEFT has decided to launch another Giveaway for the Readers. This time we have decided to giveaway Funky & Cool Gadgets which most of the Common people dont know about. We have 5 Prizes on this Giveaway-

Have fun with your Mouse at Mousie

Selfcontrolfreak is a collecton of various inteactive videos where you can control the video just by moving your mouse. Do fun with your mouse by moving like left,right,un, down and clicking. You will be surprized by watching those activities. The concept and design of Selfcontrolfreak is done by a Dutch independent multimedia designer Olivier Otten. There […]