Free online Virus Scan-The Best Resource to Protect Your PC from Viruses and Threats

A computer virus is a harmful program that can put your computer’s life at risk. These hazardous programs are intended to spoil system’s performance and steal confidential data. In addition, they possess the capability to replicate themselves on computers or through computer networks. Most of the computer viruses are spread through the files sent as […]

Starting Your Own Online Business

Plenty of business-minded people are heading to the Internet to start their own businesses. Thanks to the magic of technology, it’s easier than ever to get your name out there and run a fairly profitable business all from your home office. If you think you have what it takes to be an online entrepreneur, follow […]

How Much to Spend on a Gift online?

When buying a gift for someone, you don’t need to buy the most expensive thing on the market. The point of giving a gift is to show that you care about the person receiving the gift. Fortunately, there are many different gift ideas for those who are not looking to break the bank to buy […]

Google Wallet YA Paypal – Sending Money Online

Sending online money is the Fastest way and secure way to send money but Still People doesnt feel secure sending online. They prefer Bank Transfer rather. Previously Paypal was the best way to send money online but now some other Apps has been launched to send money online. Google Wallet is one  of them. So […]

What You Shouldn’t Post Online

Erica of the movie “The Social Network” said that, “The internet isn’t written in pencil, Mark, it’s written in ink. ” This means that anything posted and written on the internet will never be removed and deemed permanent. With the help of social media, posting can be so easy and convenient.

Where You may get Hacked!

We always want privacy and we usually post our Details fully on Facebook. I have seen guys post on Facebook that they got their First credit card and then after few days they post their School ID Cards. This means you can easily get hacked. We may not worry about identity theft as much as […]

12 Sites to Compress PNG & JPG Image Files

I have a Camera and each Images are more than 4MB and around 140GB of Photos were stored in my PC. I think you also have such Photos and must be thinking the process to compress them. Even Bloggers need to compress Images to load Website faster. I have listed a Collection of some website […]

Earn Money by Online Survey working from Home[Working]

There are lots, I mean lots of sites where you can find Fake Online Survey where you will work but you will never get paid. They show fake proofs and lists and you trust them and start working for them. You can easily find whether the site is scam or not the following reasons-

AmaRadio – An Odia Online Radio for all

  Everything are becoming Online now a days, Starting from shop store till House plotting has became online. Along with that Radio has also became online. There are lots of Online Radio channels of Different Languages to listen. Whenever I work, I plugin to any Radio such as Last.FM and listen to it. AmaRadio is […]

How to know key facts for Online and Offline Marketing Strategies

Marketing is a vital component of every business whether it is new or old, online or offline. No business can achieve success without a proper marketing strategy. Many businesses spend a large percentage of their profits to ensure maximum benefit and effectiveness, but they don’t achieve the desired results. This is because they treat their […]

How possible to make money on-line without spending much time

We all love to add a bit more money into our wallets, so as to have a rich feeling at the end of the month. Internet is a boon to the world currently a lot of work becomes easier with the aid of the same. Not only youngsters almost everyone around spends at least a […]

3 Surprising Ways Your Online Reputation Can Affect Real Life

`The value of a person’s reputation has always been important.  No matter how small a tribe, community or neighborhood a person’s reputation often precedes them. Often the community at large uses that reputation as a first impression.  This hasn’t changed for generations; even with the advent of the internet, reputation still remains as important as […]