How to Lock a Folder using Notepad

You must be using a lot of software in order to Protect your files and folders , itday I am going to tell you about a trick using which you can Lock any folder just by using notepad only. 1. Open Notepad and paste the above code there below there- cls :End @ECHO OFF title […]


Creating a Password is probably the most difficult part while creating an account.  You must think and create a password so that it will be difficult for others to guess. Now I am going to tell you a new method from which you can create a best password which will b almost impossible to get it. Submit […]

How to Reset Windows 7 Password From the Command Prompt

Today i want to tell you a Simple trick using which you can Reset or hack windows 7 password using only Command Prompt. Using this trick you can reset password of any windows 7 computer easily. In the Command Prompt you can monitor all the user of the computer by typing some commands. 1: Press Win […]

Find Password behind Stars using Javascript

Do you want to know what is behind those ******** passwords. For example if you want to know password from facebook account that somebody else have typed and left it. Here is post which will help you. . How to break hidden passwords ******** in firefox/chrome. This is simple. Just copy and paste the following […]