TOP 5 Ways to Spy Android Phone (2020)

Nowadays, people spend thousands of hours every year on their phone. Hence, their devices could be the best place to know what they are hiding from the world. Instead of hiring a private investigator to do the job for you, you can use a spy app.

These apps are more affordable compared to when you hire a private investigator. In the spy app market, you will come across many brands. Choosing the best ones can be a problem because all of them seem reliable.

But do not worry, choosing won’t be a problem anymore after you read this review. Through extensive research, we have combined a list of five Android spy apps that we think are the best. Ensure that you choose the one that fits you the most.

  1. Spyier

If you are looking for the best free hidden spy apps for android, then Spyier is the best option. That is why it ranks high on the list.

Introduction of the app

Spyier is a universal app used by millions of people in over 190 countries in the world. Why do they use it? First of all, major online brands that include Forbes, Life wire, iGeeksBlog, and many others, recommend this spy app because of the work it does.

You can never go wrong with this spy app

Spyier installation on the target device is simple. You do not need any programming language or software knowledge.

The process begins with creating an account. And since you are installing it in an Android device, you can use any emails, no restrictions, whatsoever. The account creation process has a guide that you can use if you are stuck. Alternatively, you can head to the Spyier homepage to get customer support.

After this, the next thing you need is acquiring the target device. You do not need to root it, which is an indication that the app is safe to use. After successful installation, log in so that the app can go to the background. It will operate from there without the target user’s knowledge.

  1. Spyic

When you need useful spy apps for Android devices, look for one that has a good reputation. Spyic is one of those spy apps that people recommend since it has been in use for years.


The app is fit for any Android device and does not require rooting. Besides that, you can use it to spy on the target device without raising any alarms. The user dashboard is accessible on any browser; hence, it is a good option for anyone that wants an affordable and flawless option.

  1. Cocospy

If you are looking for a spy app with great features, then this is the app to use. Cocospy can spy on any Android device effortlessly.

One thing about Cocospy that makes it stand out is its data policy. The app ensures that all your private data is safe since they use different encryption measures.

Additionally, using the app is affordable. You can select different payment plans available depending on what your needs are.

  1. Phonespector

If your main agenda is to monitor a person’s social media activities, then this is the app to use. Phonespector is excellent at that, and even though it has different features in it, the social media monitoring function on any android device works splendidly.

The spy app is also an affordable option. Users will pay a one-time fee to access all the features within the app. However, beware, it could be dangerous, especially because such apps rarely upgrade or maintain their app regularly.

  1. Phonesheriff

The app is suitable for parents who want to keep watch on what their children are doing with their phones. Nevertheless, it is an easy app to use and install. Simply install it in your target device, and then you can monitor their activities without their knowledge.

Note: the only downfall with this app is that the app does not promise to operate from the background fully. Hence, it could increase your chances of being caught.


It takes a lot of time to choose a good spy app. We have shortened the process and the time used for you. From all apps listed above, in our view, Spyier seems to stand out because of the flawless manner in which it operates. Additionally, it has numerous features that users can enjoy. Hence, it would be the best option for spying on an Android phone.

What do you mean by ROOTING an Android phone?

What do you mean by Rooting? What are the Advantages of Rooting? Why do people root their Phone? These are some of the Common Questions which comes in Mind if you are a  Newbie to the Android World. You must have noticed that Most of the Geek who Explore Android must be talking about Rooting a Android Phone.

What do you Mean by Rooting?

First lemme start with an Example. You are a Computer user and you can Install Softwares, add themes and if you are bit expert in the field, you try to Explore Files in C Drive and use different Tools to Customize and Optimize it. If you created an Guest Account in that Computer and will allow your Friend to access that account then he can Simply play Videos, Games, Music etc but cant access the Admin Panel or change any Stuff on the Computer. So overall their are two Types of Use Accounts on Computer, a Guest User and a Admin.

Similarly if you Own a Android Phone then you are a Guest User bydefault. You can simply add some Third Party Software and play songs, videos, use some other Stuffs and change the Basic setting of the Mobile/Tablet. You cant access the Root Files of the Phone. In order to get the Admin Access you have to Root the Phone. After Rooting the Phone you can get Access to All the Root Files, you can use different ROMs, customize the Phone, Increase Battery life, Optimize and do Tons of Stuffs out their. Got it.

So, Rooting means allow the User to access the Core or Root Files of the OS and tweak it, Optimize it, Customize it and can do whatever he wants. By default a user cant access these files because they may Lead to permanent Damage to the Phone/Tablet. If you are a Geek then you will definitely love these Stuffs and will always try to Explore more about it.

Now we know about the Advantages of Rooting a Phone. Now there are some Disadvantages of Rooting a Phone. Rooting a Phone Immediately void’s the Phone Warranty. It means after Rooting the Phone the Service center will not Repair the Phone and you have to Pay for it. Another disadvantage is that there is a lots of Chance of Bricking the Phone. It means there are lots of change of Damaging the Phone while Rooting it. Some other Disadvantages are it will give Poor Performance if Optimized Wrong and there is a chance of Entering Viruses into the Mobile.

rooting disadvantage


Now its Upto you. If you want to Explore more about Android then you can ROOT it or if you want to Enjoy with as-it-is then its also good.

True Cost of a Smart Phone

What is the true cost of an iPhone? I myself am obsessed with the Apple smart phone and couldn’t see myself living with any other phone on the market. But the question that still haunts some is what does it take to create the device? The good people over at sent me their link to their digital infographic, “The True Cost of an iPhone”. Check it out below.

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Intex Avatar 3D Touch Phone comes to India at Rs 3,690


The all new Intex Avatar 3D Touch Phone has already came to the Indian Market which allows users to convert 2D images and Videos into 3D with a single Touch. The Mobile comes with a Free Pair of 3D glasses by which user can view 3D converted Images and Videos. It also comes with a 4GB memory card which contains preinstalled 10 3D movie which runs at 30 frames per Second.

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Switch Off Your Phone Before Charging it at a Public Placed Charging Booth. [Must Read]

Switch Off Your Phone Before Charging it at a Public Placed Charging Booth. [Must Read]

Most of the time we dont take our chargers while travelling because we find it in most of the public places like Hotels, Malls or in Railways and Airports. So whenever we need to make some imortant call we usually charge our phone there. Right?

But do you know that by doing so all our private data such as Phone numbers, images and text messeges are at a risk of being stolen or even a virus can be uploaded to your phone.
A public phone charging booth have a power code or a USB charger which let you charge your phone, if you are using a USB charger then there is a high risk of the your data to be stolen.

But dont worry I will not tell you not to charge your mobile phone in the public place. It has a solution-
To keep your phone safe from this secure while charging at a public place, try to use a power cord instead of a USB charger and always switch off your mobile phone completely before you plug it into the charging port.