TOP 5 Ways to Spy Android Phone (2020)

Nowadays, people spend thousands of hours every year on their phone. Hence, their devices could be the best place to know what they are hiding from the world. Instead of hiring a private investigator to do the job for you, you can use a spy app. These apps are more affordable compared to when you […]

What do you mean by ROOTING an Android phone?

What do you mean by Rooting? What are the Advantages of Rooting? Why do people root their Phone? These are some of the Common Questions which comes in Mind if you are a  Newbie to the Android World. You must have noticed that Most of the Geek who Explore Android must be talking about Rooting a […]

True Cost of a Smart Phone

What is the true cost of an iPhone? I myself am obsessed with the Apple smart phone and couldn’t see myself living with any other phone on the market. But the question that still haunts some is what does it take to create the device? The good people over at sent me their link […]

Intex Avatar 3D Touch Phone comes to India at Rs 3,690

  The all new Intex Avatar 3D Touch Phone has already came to the Indian Market which allows users to convert 2D images and Videos into 3D with a single Touch. The Mobile comes with a Free Pair of 3D glasses by which user can view 3D converted Images and Videos. It also comes with […]