Make Your Image Funny with Funny Photo Maker

I love taking snaps! I took many snaps of my newly born niece and desired to take printouts of them. Now, taking the normal photo printout doesn’t make it special. I wanted to give the photos a different look and make them exclusive for the child. The idea of adding nice frames to the photo came to mind. How is that???

Innumerous photo frames are available in the web which can be added to the baby picture but for using them, you either need GIMP or Adobe Photoshop. I don’t find Adobe very friendly for using. So, I searched for a simpler software which can allow me to add frames to the photos. My search ended with Funny Photo Maker.

What is Funny Photo Maker all about?


This is a Windows software application which AnvSoft has designed. It is an easy but powerful photo processing medium for creating funny photos. You can add frames, different artistic styles without spending a single penny and superimpose faces. The best part is that for using this software you do not require to know Photoshop. Come and make funny pictures and share them with your friends and family! This software takes your photo, blends it with readymade templates and provides you the effect of artistic styles, fun photos and so on.

Want to use this software now? Visit AnvSoft website and download it. This setup program comes in the installer version which might be of the size of 42 megabytes. Once you have installed it, double click the desktop shortcut and the program will get started.

anvsoft funny photo maker

How to use the software for editing photos?

  • Go to the Toolbar and click Add Image. By this your photo gets added and it will appear on the left hand side of the toolbar.
  • For deleting any image, you have to right click it and choose the Delete option from the menu.
  • Once you have selected the photo, choose any of the templates from right side. You might have to download some of the templates, if you desire to use them. Downloading is not at all difficult; you only need to double click on the template.
  • Templates come in 3 different categories – Artistic, Face Fun and Frames.  A number of interesting and funny frames are there fort you to design your image in your own way. In the second category, your image will get superimposed in different facial templates.
  • Click Show control panel since some artistic effects cannot viewed like that.
  • Now, after you have applied the effect to the image, click Export to save the changed image on the hard disk.
  • After all the changes you are free to share this image in your Twitter profile or Facebook directly.

Do you desire to make an image funny or add some artistic effect to it? Wish to impress your pals by editing an image without GIMP or Photoshop? All you wish can come true right now! Download this software and go on implementing fun to the images.


Visit – Funny Photo Maker

Author’s Bio: Mark Miller is photo editor who has to use innovative and creative softwares for his job. Before using any software, he makes sure that his system has the best virus removal support. He also advises his readers to do the same.

Create Your Facebook Cover With Instagram Photos

Almost all of us use Facebook on a Daily basis. Some use it to connect with friends , some use to Share their Site. And last year Facebook added Various Features such as Timeline and many others.

Previously I have said about some Timeline cover tips such as creating usingFriends Profile Pics , TrickedOutTimeline . But now I am going to tell about a new webapp using which you can create Facebook Cover using Instagram Photos , and the name of the app is InstaCover.

Using this app you can create Awesome Timeline cover using your instagram photos . If you dont have an Instagram account then also you can create by choosing from the categories such as Cats , Love, Girl , nature and many other .

You can also choose your layout such as Circle , random , small, large .

It is very easy to customize , you can choose your required photo size , spaceing and background color too. You will get a live preview box in the buttom where you can see the live changes of your designed cover.

Hope you will enjoy using this app.

Visit –


Is Pinterest a Best Tool to Share Contents?

Pinterest is a Application which is Designed to be Attractive , not to solve any Problem.

It is a Place where you Birng all Good Pictures and Post them all at Once, it will definitely Look nice and attractive. the Traffic which is driven is directly by the Pictures. A person some to your site from Pinterest then they come only to Know more about the Things related to that Picture only.

[[ For Pinterest – If you are POPULAR because you are POPULAR then one day youwill be UNPOPULAR and all the work I do on you will become a WASTE. ]]

Pinterest now has over 10.4 million registered users, 9 million monthly Facebook-connected users, and 2 million daily Facebook users, according to Inside Network’s AppData tracking service.

A Small Tip – Always try to Post Original Pictures that are Created / Edited / Snapped by you because there is no use if you will post Images those are downloaded from Google Images.