How to Detect a SCAM site & Protect yourself

Everyone wants to Earn money online. Because they think that its very easy. Some sites promise that they will pay for Every Visit/referral/registration etc. Some scam sites are AvailPay,,,,, rechargeincome, . There are lots of others scam sites. We cant list all the sites but I can tell you some methods from which you can detect a Scam websites.

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Latest Facebook Scam engaging Millions of Users online

Most of us use Facebook to connect with friends and Family. As Facebook is highly crowded it has became a Great Platform for Sellers to sell and Promote their Products. And as there are such a Huge amount of consumers and sellers, it is obvious that there will be a lot of Scammers around there.

“A Facebook Page with lots of fans is a valuable online commodity”

There are many different types of Scams which spread virally in Facebook. Some of them are Click if you Hate Cancer (They ask you to click on like if you hate Cancer) , Share-to-Donate (Where they will ask you to share some information to donate) , Share-to-Pray (same as former), Click to see what happens (actually nothing happens but they ask to do so), Click if you think he/she’s beautiful, Free gift card or voucher, See who’s viewing your profile and many other Scams.

Pages with 100,000 likes can be sold for $200, according to adverts unearthed by Pearce.

Previously in India there was a scam of Free Mobile Recharge in which if a user will click in like button then they will get free mobile recharge. Recently I saw a Page where it was written “Type the number 1 and see what happens in the picture!” and there is a Picture of “guatemala sink hole“. The picture was uploaded on  December 29, 2012 and I checked on January 27, 2013 and I saw an amazing result. The Picture for around 311,000 likes with 30,000 shares and 15,00,000 comments. I was seriously shocked.

Here is the screenshot of the Image-

heightsss of Fool FB users


“Be careful and be responsible with what content you Like and Share on Facebook, because the ramifications of those actions have unseen consequences…”

One thing you must remember that whenever you like, share or comment anywhere in Facebook, you are indirectly promoting the Picture or the Profile. Not just only your friends, Facebook too thinks that it is a Valuable information and it is spreads all over the Facebook. So be Careful Next time.


Do Not Respond to the ISD Missed Calls in BSNL

Recently a Spam has been spread in the Mobile Industry. If you are receiving an Missed call from any ISD number starting from +263 and +960  then do not call back or do send any message back to this number. Calling back to these numbers can cost around 45- 50 per Minute. This type of scam is continuously increasing day to day and we must be alert for these things. 

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Dont Click on Free Recharge links in Facebook. Its a Scam.

Now a days Scam/Spam both are the main problem in Social networks which is Increasing day to day at a higher Speed. Innocent guys click the link and have to wait forever for their recharge and it never happens.

Many of My friends have clicked on that link and also spread the news too as it says more you spread more quickly the recharge will happen.

I suggest you not to do that. Now in this Christmas this new Scam came into the Facebook.

I have listed some sites n links in the Post below which do this type of Scam.

Here I want to show you some screenshots which promises for the Payment-



Here I also want to show some posts of my friends which show about th Post-

So I suggest to all my Friends not to click on any of the Links weather it is from your Best friend also. As you click on the link it automatically spreads in your account and become viral.

Here are the lis of some links I want to give which you must not click ever-

There are hundreds of Links like this. So please be Smart and Dont believe on those cons. They will never stop- these but  you can .

Dont be Fool by Clicking on these Links ever.


Is Avail Pay is a Scam/Real?

Many of my friend have asked me about the AvailPay that is it a Fake or Real, Is it a scam, what is the Proof of its payment and all those Questions. Thats why Few days ago I have gone through the site and I want to list some points regarding it-

Adding AvailPay to the Scam List and here are the combined reasons why:

1. The “Too Good To be True” factor – Lets talk about the obvious… $1 per referral hit and $2.50 per signup is a very generous bonus. That is without availpay confirming someone’s email address. Most sites require you to verify your email when you join, especially if they are giving out signup bonuses. Guess what? This site doesn’t even require any type verification after you join. You just enter your username, password and your payment email. Which I might recommend everyone to be careful with what info you give them. Because there is no “delete my account” link on this site.

2. Vague & Poorly Written Terms – The terms are almost laughable. The English is poor and they most likely they didn’t put much time in writing it. Which leads me to believe we are not dealing with a legitimate company or site.

3. Bogus Tasks – This site was built for one reason. To make money for the admin and to waste your valuable time. They figure they will place some adhitz ads and promise to pay big amounts of money to users, it will drive in viewers and clickers. Unfortunately, they are right, and this is why so many scams exist.

The ads/tasks are all adfly links or paid to download links. You click on a link, it takes you to an adfly page. Then when you hit skip ad, you will find half the links are not valid or they are just a parked domain. For instance misspelling domain in an adfly ad. Which I find quite amusing.

4. Suspicious Registration – As stated before when you join they will ask for your payment email. When you log in you will not find any way to edit your account info. All you see is your referral link with a few tasks/links to click. You don’t even have to confirm your email. So my question is, if they pay with alertpay and libertyreserve, where do you enter your LibertyReserve account number?

Then on top of that their home page indicates “Payoneer” which is a site you can use to withdraw money via debit card. But there is no info about Payoneer other than their logo showing on the home page.

5. Whois Private – Hidden ownership in site registration.

6. No Forum – Not a must have, but just another reason why this site should not be trusted. Forums are a excellent tool for every PTC/GPT site to have. Members can post proofs and have a open line of communication between staff and other members. Obviously this site does not have one.

Availpay is just another scam that many people will be reluctant to try and promote. Unfortunately as long as people are willing to try it, there will always be another site waiting to open to make money from those who dream of making fast money. That is how these scams work and why they keep opening. My advise, don’t waste your time on such scams.

If you have any complain regarding the site feel free to comment below and Click on the link given below to register the complain.