How to Detect a SCAM site & Protect yourself

Everyone wants to Earn money online. Because they think that its very easy. Some sites promise that they will pay for Every Visit/referral/registration etc. Some scam sites are AvailPay,,,,, rechargeincome, . There are lots of others scam sites. We cant list all the sites but I can tell you some methods from which you can detect […]

Latest Facebook Scam engaging Millions of Users online

Most of us use Facebook to connect with friends and Family. As Facebook is highly crowded it has became a Great Platform for Sellers to sell and Promote their Products. And as there are such a Huge amount of consumers and sellers, it is obvious that there will be a lot of Scammers around there. “A Facebook […]

Do Not Respond to the ISD Missed Calls in BSNL

Recently a Spam has been spread in the Mobile Industry. If you are receiving an Missed call from any ISD number starting from +263 and +960  then do not call back or do send any message back to this number. Calling back to these numbers can cost around 45- 50 per Minute. This type of scam is continuously increasing day […]

Dont Click on Free Recharge links in Facebook. Its a Scam.

Now a days Scam/Spam both are the main problem in Social networks which is Increasing day to day at a higher Speed. Innocent guys click the link and have to wait forever for their recharge and it never happens. Many of My friends have clicked on that link and also spread the news too as […]

Is Avail Pay is a Scam/Real?

Many of my friend have asked me about the AvailPay that is it a Fake or Real, Is it a scam, what is the Proof of its payment and all those Questions. Thats why Few days ago I have gone through the site and I want to list some points regarding it- Adding AvailPay to […]