Google vs DuckDuckGo : Search Features

Google is the Greatest Search Engine ever made and they update their algorithms regularly to provide best possible results to the users. But there is one little problem. They always Track what we search and provide us Filtered Results with tons of Ads. It’s like they always keep an eye on what we do online, […]

Remove Babylon Search from your PC

Babylon is a really annoying search engine toolbar. You might get it installed on your PC through non-malicious malware infected applications. However, it blocks your search engines and forces the browser to use Babylon as default search engine. It provides inaccurate results with obstructing advertisements. Here is a video which shows completely removing steps-   […]

Use Google To Find Any Tourist Places anywhere

If you love to travel and usually spend some time in Travelling then this is for you. Mostly we search in Google to Find Tourist Places and those are linked to different tourist websites. But now you can know the top tourist places of a perticulat city or location directly in Google Search Result Page. […]

Search Engine Optimization Strategy – 4 Steps to improve Search Engine Ranking

In this article, I will discuss four basic steps in the way to optimization of search engines, including website keyword research, article and video marketing, blogs, social networks, and bookmarks. In our analysis, we assume that the search engine site design amicably has been done and that the use of flash pages that are unreadable by […]

How to Display 100 Google Search Results in Single Page

Google is the Best Search Engine Ever made and its Searching Algorithms and Search Result Page design also changes regularly. I dont know when , but today I came to know that we can change the number of Results one page will show you in Google while searching.

When common People Use Google Search

Most of the Common People Use Social Networking Sites such as Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest and Google Plus etc. But from the Day I learnt Internet I have seen most of the people use Google Search while Surfing the Internet. After some analysis I can to know about some reason why poeple use Google […]

How to submit Sites to Different Search Engines

  This is the Question which many new bloggers, Website Owners that How to index their website in the Search Engines. We all know that the traffic of a website or blog gets increased if the URL is submitted to Different Search Engines . – A New (Search n Browse) Engine – A New (Search n Browse) Engine , a New Search Engine was lunched at DEMO Spring 2012. User can get a Unique Expirience where you can get Web Search Results and Browsing in the Same Page from whcih you can get your information in Less time.

Search Engine that will not Track You – DuckDuckGo

Google is the Best Search Engine ever made and it is updating his algorithm regularly in order to have a better search result. But the Problem is that Google Always wants to track the users , what they search , where they search and all those things. These sometimes freaks me out. Its just like […]

Google Loves Mathematics (Funny Search Graph)

Google Loves Mathematics (Funny Search) – Perviously I have posted about Some Tricks to get FUN from Google Search (askew , Do a barrel roll , Recursion , gravity and many more) . MOst of my friends loved most of the tricks as you can get from just a google search. Today I got a new […]