Google vs DuckDuckGo : Search Features

Google is the Greatest Search Engine ever made and they update their algorithms regularly to provide best possible results to the users. But there is one little problem. They always Track what we search and provide us Filtered Results with tons of Ads. It’s like they always keep an eye on what we do online, always. In the other side another search engine named DuckDuckGo is emerging which provides Ads Free search and mostly concern about user privacy and it avoid filter bubble of personalized search results.

Google vs DuckDuckGo

Both Google and DuckDuckGo are amazing websites but there is not much competition among them because Google is giant and DuckDuckGo is small for now. Both the Search Engines have Voice Search. DuckDuckGo refines his search engine results by deleting low quality contents such as eHow’s low quality paid freelancer articles. DuckDuckGo includes so-called “!Bang” commands, which give users the ability to redirect a search to specific websites.

There are tons of Features of Both the search engines which helps users to get their results directly typing on the Search Box. They work a lot to provide Maximum Information on the search result page only. You can click here to know about them- Google Search Features and DuckDuckGo Goodies.

You can find some of the most important features in Google such as Weather / Stock / Time / Sports Score Information, Calculator, Definition Dictionary, Spell Checker, Movie Showtime, Flight / Courier Tracker, Currency Conversion and related search. Most of the Mathematical Calculations are done directly on search Pages. You can also compare Similar Topics, Know details about Movie, Actors, Personalities, Company profiles, Nutrition Information, Distance Between Places directly on the search result Pages.

google search result

Before Knowing more about DuckDuckGo here is a Video which you must watch-

Most of the Features which I have mentioned above are present in DuckDuckGo but along with that there are some additional features which you can find in DuckDuckGo such as Password Generator, Finding Software Alternatives, Emotion Meaning, QR Code Generator, Identifying cryptographic functions, Flipping Words, Recipes, Short URL Expander, Website Status similar to , hello World programs of many Programs and http status code descriptions. Along with that Geographical information such as Heights of Popular Monuments, country Info is also found directly on search page. Most of the mathematical calculations are done directly on the search page. You can find lyrics of most of the Songs on the search result page. Color Code, Ascii table, Unicode conversion, wordpress answers can be also found in search result.

duckduckgo search features

There are tons of Additional Features which you will enjoy in Both the Search Engines which you can find by exploring them.

Remove Babylon Search from your PC


Babylon is a really annoying search engine toolbar. You might get it installed on your PC through non-malicious malware infected applications. However, it blocks your search engines and forces the browser to use Babylon as default search engine. It provides inaccurate results with obstructing advertisements.

Here is a video which shows completely removing steps-


Remove Babylon Search from Firefox

  • Type % appdata% in the search bar of Windows Start menu and Press Enter.
  • After the folder opens up, Browse to C: \ Users \ Mark \ AppData \ Local \ Mozilla \ Firefox \ Profiles \ <random.default> \ extensions <random.default> which will be a folder with a name consisting of a random sequence of characters followed by the extension. Default
  • In the folder path mentioned above you should see a folder, Delete that folder.
  • Once you’ve done this, you can launch Firefox and type about: config in the address bar.
  • In the Search Form, Set Babylon Form enabled from True to False. Also change the URL to Google default search engineby entering = .  in the customform field

Remove Babylon search from Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome browser.
  • Click on the settings icon that is located at the top right, with a small wrench or three rows icon depending on the version.
  • Select Tools tab and click on “Extensions”.
  • Find the respective add-on of Babylon Search and remove it.

Remove Babylon Search from Internet Explorer

  • Open the Control Panel.
  • Click on Uninstall a program.
  • Find the ‘Babylon Toolbar for IE’ application from the Add or Remove List and uninstall it.
  • Restart Internet Explorer and check if the Search engine toolbar is gone.

That’s it, you have successfully removed Babylon search from your browser. If you face any problems, Let me know through comments.

Author:- Gautham is a technology blogger who blogs at SmashPixels, he recently wrote about Way2Sms and

Use Google To Find Any Tourist Places anywhere

google search

If you love to travel and usually spend some time in Travelling then this is for you. Mostly we search in Google to Find Tourist Places and those are linked to different tourist websites. But now you can know the top tourist places of a perticulat city or location directly in Google Search Result Page.

All you need is to search Things to do in City . You can replace City with any Place, city, state, Country. In the result you will find the Visual List of different Places.

Search Tourist Places



Search Engine Optimization Strategy – 4 Steps to improve Search Engine Ranking

In this article, I will discuss four basic steps in the way to optimization of search engines, including website keyword research, article and video marketing, blogs, social networks, and bookmarks. In our analysis, we assume that the search engine site design amicably has been done and that the use of flash pages that are unreadable by search engines robots is minimized or completely avoided.

There are several steps in obtaining the above organic search results. Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search sites use specific formulas to determine the popularity of a website and relevance. When “marketing” a website, our goal should not be to “outsmart” Google, but simply produce content that supports and facilitates indexing, ranking and sorting an amazing, evolving line information table.

Here is how to facilitate the process:

1. Start with keyword research. Use the keyword tool or Google to find a tool for your own purpose. Many webinars and tutorials are available that provide a wealth of information and some of the best tips and tricks to get top rankings in search engines. Many are free or offered at a nominal cost.

2. Use the article and video marketing to distribute and disseminate information in as many places as possible. Two of the best submission tools are Article Submitter Auto and Traffic Geyser. These tools provide significant leverage automation technology to quickly create high value backlinks. Your site will quickly surpass your competitors and often appear in the page one organic result. In some cases, your keyword research will greatly facilitate your climb to the top, select “unknown” niche. What is your best niche hitherto unknown?

3. Blogging, using WordPress or equivalent, will help to improve the situation of your website, and more if you are able to select a domain name very appropriate. Micro Niche Finder and exploration tools like keyword can quickly locate domain availability using a simple mouse click. Also when setting up a blog, a good consultant can suggest WordPress widgets that can be obtained for the optimization of search engines and that will instantly create links back to your blog.

4. We suggest you use a WordPress blog, as many tools are available to automatically publish links to boookmarking social media and Web 2.0 social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Mixx and others. Expect to spend some time to establish accounts on the sites you want to post your links.

Follow these steps and you will greatly improve your search engine optimization website. It is surprising how many webmasters hurt in the ranking of their sites. Despite the confusion, Google and other search engines make a most commendable job in “rank” the most relevant content. Most of the time, your competitors will be very easy to beat, though!

Author Bio: This article is written by Yogesh who writes everything about blogging tips and technology. His favorite topic is latest gadgets.

How to Display 100 Google Search Results in Single Page

Google is the Best Search Engine Ever made and its Searching Algorithms and Search Result Page design also changes regularly. I dont know when , but today I came to know that we can change the number of Results one page will show you in Google while searching.

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When common People Use Google Search

Most of the Common People Use Social Networking Sites such as Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest and Google Plus etc. But from the Day I learnt Internet I have seen most of the people use Google Search while Surfing the Internet. After some analysis I can to know about some reason why poeple use Google Search. Here I want to display some common reasons for which Common People use Google Search.

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Ecobe – A New Search Engine that will Share 40% Revenue to the Content Provider

What if Bloggers, Webmasters, Content and Website Owners will be paid bt a Search Engine of someone clicks on their site by a Search? I think all of the Bloggers will be Happy after listening this as it will also become a Primary Source for Income.

First of all it was “Content is King” , then it became “Quailty Content is king” but its Content WAS King” , now “CONTENT plus GOOD SEO is King” .

Lets Talk about Ecobe.

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Search Engine that will not Track You – DuckDuckGo

Google is the Best Search Engine ever made and it is updating his algorithm regularly in order to have a better search result. But the Problem is that Google Always wants to track the users , what they search , where they search and all those things. These sometimes freaks me out. Its just like keeping eyes on what we do online.

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How to Find any Unknown Songs by Title, Artist and Lyrics using Audiggle

Have you ever thought of any song name or any artist name or the lyrics of any Song which you are listening in a Radio or TV? Actually Few days ago while I was listening to a Song in radio I was wondering about the Song Name name the Artist. I asked my friends about it but no one was unable to tell me the answer and  it became unanswered.

Then I searched in the internet about any Application or Tool which can help me to search the name of any song which I will be listening. And finally I was success in finding one. The name of the application is Audiggle.This is a Free Software based on Sound Properties which finds all the Information about a song just by Listening to it.

This is an application which works in both Windows and Mac.  When you are listening to any song just click on the Search button or you can use the Shortcut Ctrl + Alt + A .

You can search for the Song anytime that means when you are listening to a Song Online live Streaming or even you can turn on your Microphone and record any audio from any out source. It can capture the audio and search that song for you online . The main Problem is that it takes bit time to recognize the song but the Accuracy is more. It can give the Exact details of the Song .

You can Download that from here –


Google Loves Mathematics (Funny Search Graph)

Google Loves Mathematics (Funny Search) –

Perviously I have posted about Some Tricks to get FUN from Google Search (askew , Do a barrel roll , Recursion , gravity and many more) . MOst of my friends loved most of the tricks as you can get from just a google search.

Today I got a new trick (or a search term) which shows a graph with a Blue Heart in the center. This is simply a Google Search

Search this term in Google ” (sqrt(cos(x))*cos(200 x)+sqrt(abs(x))-0.7)*(4-x*x)^0.01, sqrt(9-x^2), -sqrt(9-x^2) from -4.5 to 4.5 “and you will get this graph as shown above.  You can get some other trick such as askew , Do a barrel roll , Recursion , gravity by searching in Google.

Click here to see this Live – GOOGLE SEARCH