Google Suggests to use Step-2 Verification to Secure Your Account

Are you using the Step-2 Verification which is now enabled in Google. The step-2 Verification is a method of making your Account more secure by giving a second step of verification of your account. Now-a-days hacking of Gmail accounts and Facebook Accounts is a very common news. Every Week in news we here about hacking […]

Facebook Password is not CaSe sEnSiTiVe

Do you know that your Facebook Password is not case sensitive. It doesnt mean that if you type in Small or Capital it will work. But I mean your facebook account has 3 passwords. It does mean that you can create 3passwords. Other than your present password there are 2more passwords which can be derived from […]

How To Lock Your Computer/Laptop Using Mouse

How do you lock your computer/Laptop? You must be using “Windows + L” or “Ctrl+Alt+Del” to lock your Laptop. Now I am going to tell you a simple trick using which you can lock your computer using your Mouse only. So of you might also knew this trick before. Here we go- 1. Right Click […]