6 WordPress Errors that can influence your website SEO

WordPress is an open source website formation tool. This is one of the coolest and influential content management systems prevailing today. It is a perfect choice for inexpert and non-mechanical users who can easily build the website without so many formalities.

WordPress is a perfect platform for a diversity of websites for creating a content management system in one place. It is easy to use and a perfect tool for all companies and developers, but there are some WordPress faults that give little stress. However, some of its errors fixed up easily, but there are some few errors you need to know about how to fix them and why they occur.

The best in all its SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO, file manager, and sitemap XML makes the SEO cool for the websites. Running an SEO website is not a cup of tea for anyone even with a WordPress. There are some fundamentals from which you have to stay update and make the things easy to run a website on SEO.

To run all the things in the correct way you should find out those errors and reasons that negatively affect your website SEO. Go ahead with the page and find out your answers if you need any help of experts you can click here for marketing company.

404 Error

If this error occurs on your website it is not your fault it is the client side error. It is a failure to find out the given request given by your customer in your website. For example, in your website, you are sharing some external links of your client site or if he delete the links and they are still present in your WordPress plugins it shows 404 sever not found on the user’s pc. If your site contains a number of broken links it seriously damages your website reputation and creates a poor experience for the user. These are three types of errors such as external 404, outgoing 404, and internal 404.

To repair these errors you must read out your website broken links to increase the User experience and always make sure your SEO is running best.

404 Not found the error

It is a failure of the request which makes by your user. It is a client-side problem which seriously affects the traffic of your website. It sometimes is shown as “file not found” in the search request. The common reason for this matter is permalink settings in WordPress. If you want to fix this issue you have to re-configure your site permalink settings and manually apprise all the rules.


Google crawling errors

Crawl errors occur when Google can’t able to crawl your site on search engine. For example, if the user searches a website and it shows a site error or crawls errors. Another words you can say the user does not reach your website when Google fails to recognize the URL of the entered address. This affects very badly to your site because Google can’t rank and crawl the site.

502 gateway based errors

These are mostly bewildering errors which generally appears on the WordPress website it mostly occurs when your website takes a lot of time to load without showing any error.

In other words, you can say that when your apps I receive the bad response from another server it might be network or browser problem but there is something wrong in your WordPress as well so look out this error first because if it occurs again and again it affects the traffic very severely. To fix this issue you have to check out the Configuration settings.

500 internal server error

It is an indication that your website server getting trouble in delivering the precise information to the user. This error is frequent in the websites with you have to make sure that it never occurs in your website because it affects the repetition and traffic of your website badly even it affects the Search Engine Optimization. It eventually leads you website in the bad situation where you can’t get any visitors or ranking by the Google.

504 gateway timeout error

This error often caused when the user requesting to read the information of your website and it takes a lot of time to proceed and then shows Timeout error to the user. It generally affects your website visitors because no one wants to deal with that website which takes a lot of time to proceed so please make sure this error is fixed. To fix it you need to check out the WordPress Firewall like Cloudflare.


If you are doing SEO with your website so you have to fix up these errors as soon as possible because it is the only way to generate high-quality traffic and genuine visitors to your website that can easily crawl by the Google and better your site reputation in the Google as well as in the consumer choices.

SEO Elements to Focus on When Developing a Startup Website

When you are driving all your efforts in developing your startup website and calculating your on-site SEO factors, it is critical to have a procedure in mind to ensure that you have not overlooked any important attribute of your site or SEO. There are many factors that determine the overall success of your ongoing SEO campaign. In order to stay ahead in the SEO game, here are some of the things that need your proper attention:

Server Setup

Paying attention to hosting and server issues during the process of building a startup website is extremely necessary. Take a look at some the things that you should consider about server setup during the launch of the site:

  • Manage Site Uptime: Monitoring site uptime tools are available that tell you the exact uptime of your site and whether it is reasonable or not. The objective of the uptime for your site should always be 99.999 percent and anything less than that is completely a terrible thing to witness. In order to get a hold of the situation, watch for web host time guarantees and see how they are going to use the monitoring tools for monitoring the site’s uptime.
  • Set up HTTPS: Switching up to HTTPS will streamline the website and there will be no problem in migration if you set up the protocol as soon as your website is live. Check whether the HTTP (Hypertext transfer protocol) always redirects to HTTPS and never directs to a 404 page. In order to ensure that the setup is secure, you can test it by running an SSL or secure sockets layer.
  • Use Proper URL Format: Make sure that the URL version is utilized exclusively and allows the HTTP to redirect to HTTPS.
  • Verify IP Neighborhood: In case you witness web spam patterns with your Internet protocol neighbors, availing an IP neighborhood tool is vital since Google will be highly sensitive to your site after experiencing the spam on your site.
  • Verify DNS Issues and Malware: In order to check for malware and DNS issues on your site, you can put Google’s free tool into use for a complete diagnosis of your site.
  • Check Server Problems: Using tools like Screaming Frog will help you in crawling your site and see if you find any 302 or 301 redirects. Make sure that you block any 403 page or forbidden pages with robots.txt.


Run your website and verify these points before and after the launch of your startup in order to make certain that the web pages are included in the search index.

  • Sitemaps: Check that an XML sitemap is placed at example.com/sitemap.xml and it has been uploaded to Bing Webmaster Tools along with the Google Search Console. When checking the sitemaps for your site, make certain that they are dynamic and come with a perfect URL structure that is consistent throughout the site.
  • Indexed Pages: For addressing the indexed pages, see how the results are matching with your current database by using Google site: example.com. In case you find out that the number is higher than it should be, there is duplicate content on your site. On the other hand, if the number is low, it means that not every page have been indexed appropriately.
  • Automatic Social Media Posting: This can be achieved by using a tool for publishing good blog content on the social media platforms. This will help your site to get more visibility and increase the likeliness of getting your pages indexed by the search engines.
  • Rich Snippets: In case you are working on a semantic markup, make sure that the rich snippets are not broken and are properly visible. If it is broken or not showing properly, authenticate the markup to make certain that there are no errors.


Needless to say, content is the main criteria that define the overall success of a startup website and how it is going to be visible on the top of the search engine rankings. Ensure these content management factors on your site for a better SEO:

  • Length of the Title: Form the title of your content carefully and check the length at which your blog’s titles are getting shortened in the SERPs. While there is no obligation to always reduce the length of the title, make sure that the user is able to comprehend the title before the cutoff point. The subject of the page that is visible on the search engine is the main factor that will drive the users to your startup website.
  • Keyword Optimization: This means the inclusion of any targeted or main keyword in the title tag of your content. However, do not use repetitive keywords in the title tag and insert the most popular keyword at the beginning of the title tag. The only thing to keep in mind is making the title creative and sound good so placing the keyword is completely based on how the title and content is.
  • Meta Descriptions: This factor makes crawling easier on your site, so check out for any missing Meta tags and descriptions. Verify and remove duplicate Meta descriptions and make sure that your page Meta description is not exceeding more than 160 characters.


With the rise in mobile users, most of the websites are now being accessed from compact devices. For mobile SEO, you should check these elements:

  • Mobile Friendliness: Opt for the Google Mobile-friendly analysis and check issues related to user experience while browsing your website on mobile.
  • Focus on Responsive Design: For better user experience on mobile devices, your site has to be responsive while using and look reliable to the audience. On top of that, it should be aesthetically pleasing just like its desktop counterpart.
  • Smooth Navigation: Ensure that your drop-down toolbar or menu is functional and opens with one touch, making it highly appealing to use.


Taking care of the basics on your website determines the overall success of your SEO campaign. Pay attention to the aforementioned factors and develop a great startup site.

WordPress Features That Boost Your SEO Efforts and Provide the Desired Results

 The ease of use and the user-friendly interface of WordPress makes it one of the most popular content management systems on the internet. The most attractive thing about WordPress is that it cannot only help create the content for a website, but it has several features which make the site well optimized for getting good rankings on the Search Engine Results Page. Let us know what the inbuilt features in WordPress are which make it so useful for SEO.

SEO Plugins

Just like we use libraries to properly number and reference a large number of books and store them in specific places for easy retrieval, similarly, websites and blogs are also registered in virtual libraries. This is referred to as indexing, and it allows a webpage or blog to be located more easily by a search engine. Having a blog or a website without indexing is akin to writing a great book but simply keeping it at home instead of speaking to a publisher or publicist, in which case no one else in the world would read and enjoy the book.

Simple Code

WordPress is an open source platform for the code; therefore, whenever programmers spot bugs or flaws in it, they can step in and improve the code. The WordPress code has been improved in so many instances by additions and modifications to its code that the speed, features, and security of WordPress keep improving continually. Apart from code improvement, WordPress offers several roles like administrator, editor, author, contributor, and subscriber. The simple and user-contributed code used in WordPress makes it easier for search engines to index a website more easily, and catch the attention of the crawlers of those search engines.

Tags and Categories

Categories can be thought of as a list of contents that the website has. It lists out the various sections (or chapters) that the website contains. Tagging is like the index page at the end of a book. A website should have the perfectly balanced categories and tags, which continue to hold the interest of the visitor, but at the same time doesn’t needlessly increase the number of tags and categories just for the sake of doing it. Ideally, a post should have not more than two to three categories, and not every post should have tags on it. WordPress offers the ability to the person writing the blog or creating the website to structure it properly with the help of categories and tags.

XML Sitemaps

Every website needs to have a list of the different pages inside it, in decreasing order of importance. This list is called a sitemap for that website, and a sitemap can be of two types – HTML sitemap which is for the use of the visitor to the website, and XML sitemap which is intended for the use of the search engines and their crawlers. An XML sitemap which has the list of URLs in great detail can be indexed by the search crawlers much faster, thereby reducing the time it takes for a server to respond to the website. This is a very useful feature provided by WordPress.

Meta Descriptions

One of the Tayloright experts we spoke to referred to meta descriptions as advertising copy. It is the meta description that shows up as the first few lines describing a website on a search engine results page. Therefore, it would be the deciding factor if the visitor would click on the website or not. It is not only crucial for a webpage to feature at the top of the search results pages, but once it happens, the meta description should be attractive enough for the visitor to click on it. This is one of the advantages of using WordPress.

Title Tags

Just like the meta description is an advertiser’s copy, the title tag can be called the headline. If a meta description can evince the visitor’s interest, but a title tag can mean the difference between the visitor staying or leaving immediately. WordPress would allow the creation of attractive and pertinent titles that can draw visitors and prompt them to click on the link when it features on a search engine results page.


WordPress gives you an option where the language for describing permalinks can be changed. Permalinks refer to the URLs found on the top of the websites. But these URLs are often a complicated mix of alphabets and numbers, which doesn’t help crawlers to read them. Therefore, this option of WordPress makes the search engine crawlers do their work more easily.

Each of the WordPress features listed above makes a website more SEO enabled, adding to the usefulness.

Focus on some lesser-known aspects of SEO to earn high revenue from marketing

Many marketers often do not include SEO on their priority list when devising online marketing strategies, thinking that it is no more relevant.  This is a big mistake because although there were murmurs in the marketing circles about SEO fading away due to the introduction of many new marketing techniques like content marketing and social media marketing Houston, the reality is just the opposite. SEO has lost neither its relevance nor importance, and it is still the most forceful online marketing tool. The fact is that all new techniques are offshoots of SEO and closely linked to it. Therefore, even if you want to use the new techniques and marketing tools, you can never deny SEO the place that it deserves in online marketing. If SEO is not giving the right results then perhaps you need to start using lesser-known but highly effective tactics as discussed below.

Expand your social media presence

To make the most efficient use of the social media for marketing, be present on the maximum number of channels as possible. Do not just limit your presence on the popular channels because the more you can expose your online identity through various channels, more quality traffic would flow to your website. However, you must ensure that you are not just a sleeping entity on the platform but be active enough to draw attention. Accepting the fact that not all channels are equally helpful to gain mileage in marketing, some might be much below your expectations, but whatever little you get from it would add value to your efforts. The more you spread your identity on the social media, higher are the chances of creating an impact on organic searches that put your campaign in good stead.

Landing pages add value to SEO

Pay utmost attention to the landing pages of the website because it has the potential of bringing good value to the business.  How much traffic the site attracts depends on the quality of landing pages that has immense powers in upholding the SEO campaign.  To make landing pages work for strengthening the SEO campaign, take the best measures in optimizing the pages by using carefully selected high-quality content. Since content has immense powers in adding authority to websites, you must focus on publishing long-form content that spells quality and is relevant and useful for viewers.   Strategically use a few long tail keywords in the content to enhance its effectiveness.

Optimization of images is a necessity

The loading time of website pages impacts the user experience. Faster loading websites are not only attractive but also remunerative. More is the website user-friendly; higher are the chances of attracting quality traffic that helps to earn more revenue.  Images are responsible for maintaining good website speed and to achieve it you must pay attention to optimize images, which are one of the essential elements that help to drive SEO campaigns to the next level. Condense the photos so that it occupies the minimum space for optimal viewing, give it a name and do not forget to include keywords in the title.

Use infographics

Viewers get attracted to infographics as it provides information attractively and concisely that perfectly suits the speedy lifestyle of today’s generation. Websites with infographics drive more traffic to it, but you have to ensure that its design is excellent and the quality of content just simply the best.  For succeeding with infographics, these parameters are most important and needs perfect blending. However, infographics have a disadvantage in that search engines do not index it. To overcome the shortcoming, use infographics with a suitable long-form content of approximately 2000 words that helps the page capture the attention of search engines and facilitate good ranking.

Launch mobile app

Although responsive web design is a norm today, being happy and content because responsive websites attract more traffic would lead to complacency that can prove detrimental in providing good results. Unless you can convert a large part of the traffic, you cannot generate revenue, which is the ultimate goal of any SEO campaign. Therefore, it is vital to make aggressive plans for reaching out to mobile users so that they move towards completing the purchasing cycle. Creating mobile app is a great way to enhance user experience as it acts as an extended arm of the website and helps in expanding the reach. Viewers get an additional avenue for connecting with your business when they make use of the mobile app that is faster than navigating through the website pages. As Google is now keen for indexing mobile apps too, the chances of improving search rankings get a boost.

Every action that you take needs time to show results, and you must be convinced of the methods that would help you to stick to it with patience.

Why Do You Need SEO to Take Your Business to The Pinnacle of Success?

Today SEO is a vital aspect of online business enterprises. No matter what business or venture you run, you cannot get sufficient revenues and higher conversion rates, if you do not have your business website search engine optimized. Fortunately, you are aware of the importance of SEO, but your boss is still not convinced. Today with a plethora of sites being on the internet and with people everywhere being all the time connected to the internet via their smartphones, it makes sense to you why you need to be optimized for search engine queries put forward by users. So the need of the hour is to convince your boss that SEO is necessary and it will increase the business of the company many folds. In this article, you shall learn about some tips and techniques which will help you to convince your boss in doing just that. Read on.

  1. Start by Highlighting what the Cumulative Growth Output Value Will Be

The most significant advantage which SEO provides is that it will allow the chance to generate a high cumulative growth. Marketing efforts and tactics which are outbound in nature will only give you temporary results. PPC campaigns produce quick results, but as soon as you stop the PPC investment, you will see a loss in the number of leads you had. This, however, does not thankfully happen with SEO.

While your rankings can suffer overtime with more business ventures coming into the foray but you will have a higher chance of holding onto your high rank for specific keywords for longer periods of time without having to make extra investments. Your SEO investment will give you higher returns in the long run. Show real data that an investment of 1 dollar today will generate a return that is three times over in two years. It will soon thus become obvious that an investment in SEO offers a higher rate of interest in returns later on for the company. Show examples of other websites which have done search engine optimization and how their results and businesses have improved over the years. Business owners always value long-term sustained growth and development and profits over short-term profits.

  1. Dispel All the Myths Around SEO

It is probable that many business organizations will have misconceptions about SEO and hence might be unwilling to do search engine optimizations. You must ensure that you have these misconceptions and reservations about search engine optimization in your mind and you must address all of them. This will show that you care for your company enough to preempt the possible hindrances which SEO might bring and that you have taken care to see and check if these threats are real in any way.

SEO does not refer to a spammy or an unethical mode of marketing. But SEO can be quite handy once you follow the proper guidelines that have been outlined by search engine companies. You must also drive home the point that SEO is necessarily a form of marketing and it should be treated like one. Proper SEO strategies are not subjected to the fancies and whims of search engines like Google, and hence business owners need not be afraid that their well throughout plans can be easily quashed away search engine companies.

  1. Give them forewarnings about how they are liable to be penalized if they resort to wrongful practices

It is a general truth that people tend to focus more on the aspect of threats than on that of opportunities. Ignorance regarding search engine optimizations can lead a business venture to suffer penal actions. Actions such as payments for links, putting up plagiarized or duplicate contents, hacking their sites, putting fake reviews, et cetera can negatively affect the business website. If any attempt is made whatsoever to change or manipulate search results deliberately, then manual actions are liable to be taken. Thus utmost care should be taken that none of these malpractices are undertaken either intentionally or accidentally. Google has specific algorithms which can detect and find out if a website has made use of unscrupulous practices, so it is best to stay away from them entirely. You must make these clear to your boss beforehand so that it is well understood that SEO is a serious business and must not be trifled with. Ethics must not be compromised. You can visit Vision Smash SEO to get the services of the best professional SEO experts for your website.


SEO is a marketing strategy that will provide rich dividends in the long run. It is essential for you to underscore its importance to your boss. However, you must also clear popular misconceptions around SEO and also inform them of potential penalizations which they may face if they indulge in wrongful activities.

Practical Tips for Creating a Site Structure That Boosts SEO

Though it may not be very well known, site structure can play a very important role in SEO. While every site has some structure, good or bad, paying attention to a site structure that is organized and logical will pay off handsomely in boosting the search engine page rankings. Some tips:

Reasons Why Site Structure Is Important

The human mind craves a logical order in everything it encounters, including website content. Thus the user experience of any site that has its contents arranged in a manner that is logical is inherently more appealing and satisfying. When a site has its contents logicallyordered users tend to be more loyal and spend more time on the site. These factors are very important from the point of SEO.

More Sitelinks for Better Navigability

SEO gets a boost with sitelinks that increase website navigability by pointing users to the information that is relevant. Good navigation improves the trust of users, brand goodwill, and click-through. It also boosts search page rankings and makes conversions faster. However, you can’t generate sitelinks at will; it is generated automatically by the search engine algorithm based on how it perceives the site structure to be. Therefore, a poor site structure may not be awarded site links and as a result, lose out on the opportunity of better ranking and conversions.

Better Crawling By Search Engine Bots

A good site structure along with the sitemap makes it possible for the search engine bots to crawl the site and index it better and faster. The sitemaps make it easier for the crawlers to access and index the pages, which is why websites that have a strong and logical structure are invariably rewarded with better rankings. According to SEO experts at SandCrestSEO.com, SEO success can never be achieved without having a good website structure in place.

Steps Involved In Creating a Good Site Structure

The best way is to develop the content hierarchy before starting to create the actual pages. It is important to keep the hierarchy simple for yourself and the search engine bots. Keep the number of main categories limited by making them distinct and have subcategories under each that are relevant. Try to make the number of subcategories approximately the same under each category to maintain a sense of balance. A shallow structure is always easier for search engines. Thereafter, create a URL structure that follows closely your hierarchy. Try to construct the URL with real words and incorporate the keywords relevant to that page. It is best to create the navigation code in either HTML or CSS as other methods like JavaScript, Ajax, and Flash may restrict the ability of the crawler to discover all the pages. Create appropriate headers for the main pages and develop an internal linking structure that’s comprehensive.


Good website structures do not happen by accident; you need to put in a lot of thought and arrange the site contents logically but simply. When you do it well, the results can be very enduring from the point of SEO.

5 WordPress SEO Plug-in You Must Use

WordPress is one of the leading content management systems in the market and it is used by millions of web developers to create websites and blogs. Developing a website is easy, but optimizing it for the search engines is a different matter altogether. It is not possible for every businessman to hire an SEO company for optimizing his website. The good news is WordPress offers plenty of SEO plug-ins that can be used for making your website search engine friendly. Let’s take a look at the top 5 SEO plug-ins for WordPress.

Yoast SEO: It is the most downloaded SEO plug-in in the WordPress plug-in library. The best thing about Yoast SEO is you don’t need to be an expert coder to manipulate its features. It basically walks you through various crucial SEO elements such as keyword usage, Meta descriptions, and titles. It features sitemaps, Open Graph Metadata, and even the XML sitemap functionality.

LinkPatrol: Link building is essential for website optimization, but the quality of the links matters more than quantity. You have to make sure that every link has a purpose and comes from or points to an authoritative source. Link spamming is a menace of the SEO world and it must be nipped in the bud. This paid plug-in allows you to monitor all the outgoing links on your website. It marks the poor quality links and gives you the flexibility to remove spammy links.

WPtouch Mobile Plug-in: Millions of people surf websites from smartphones and tablets these days. Your website must be mobile friendly because Google prefers such websites. If you can’t afford a web developer to build a responsive website, then this is the best plug-in for you. It gives you plenty of tools to customize the appearance of your website on handheld devices without affecting the core coding structure. Also, it does not alter the UI of the desktop version.

Yet Another Related Posts Plug-in: The longer people stay on your website, the better it is for your business. This particular plug-in is very useful for displaying posts and pages related to the current content people are watching on your website. You can choose how the related content will be displayed and how many articles will be displayed. As people move from one page to another to check the related content and get engaged, the bounce rate decreases significantly.

Google XML Sitemaps: Google must be able to index your website properly to understand what the website is all about and decide its rank on the SERP.  In order to help Google scan your website effortlessly, you must have a sitemap. This plug-in generates a sitemap automatically as soon as you publish a new content. Therefore, as you keep updating your web pages, the sitemap gets updated too.


While all these plug-ins are beneficial in terms of SEO, in the long run, you will need the help of an SEO company for complete on-page and off-page website optimization. Select an SEO firm based on their reputation in the market and let them do their magic!

Consider The Situation and Marketing Goals to Choose between SEO and PPC

Cost is the factor for which marketers have to apply their minds to decide the way they want to make use of SEO and PPC. Since it is not possible to figure out the expected ROI, it becomes quite difficult to decide on the issue.  When done correctly, both SEO and PPC have an enormous potential of generating traffic and creating conversions.  However, to implement it correctly, you must have complete knowledge about the processes including how these are different and what are its limitations and strengths so that you can choose by evaluating the ground realities. The circumstances under which you intend to use both or any of the processes is very critical for its success. Something that works well in certain circumstances may not function in the same way in another situation.

Any digital marketing agency would love to include both SEO and PPC in the marketing campaign, but for the feasibility of the processes in terms of return on investment, they would like to have a closer look at the situation and then take a call. The majority of search traffic generates from organic searches and SEO is the obvious choice of any marketer.  Although upfront cost of SEO seems higher, it equalizes in the long run by generating more traffic.  PPC is fast acting and can give a more rapid return on investment as the PPC ads will always appear higher than organic searches. However, how much return you can get from it depends on several factors. Moreover, the bidding process of PPC can turn out quite costly, if you are aiming for the top spot.  In this article, we will explore the various situations when these processes could flourish.

SEO gives consistent result

SEO is a time-consuming process, and it builds up gradually. You need to give it time to perform and provide results.  No matter how experienced you might be in implementing SEO, it will never be possible to appear within the top five positions of the search results in just a few months.  The five top spots are highly productive because the majority of searchers are reluctant to go further down and is the reason why the maximum traffic generates from it. Being there would ensure that your website enjoys a steady flow of traffic round the clock. Once you achieve the target, just keep up the good work to make sure that you stay there for longer period.

SEO helps to build authority

When you want to establish your website as an authority in your industry niche, the only way of doing it is by implementing SEO.  By establishing your website as a recognized resource for reliable information, you can draw the attention of people who treat your site as a ‘go to’ place for authentic information. Once your website demonstrates its authority, it will attract more traffic just from URL recall alone. For building authority of sites, focus on sustainable traffic generation to the website pages that adds up in building a reputation that finally exerts its dominance in the market. For generating a sustained flow of traffic, you must depend on high-quality content backed by solid SEO strategy.

Enhance the value of website with SEO

If your goal is to increase the value of your site, then you must use SEO.  Websites are virtual assets like real estates, and you can even think of selling it out at some point in time by adding more value to it. For increasing the value, you must focus on several factors like page rank, consistency in traffic generation, the volume of traffic generated, link popularity, search engine rankings over a length of time and similar other factors. It needs real hard work and investment to add value to the asset just as you would remodel your home to raise its equity.

Except for the fact that PPC advertisements use keywords and it appears on the search result page, it does not have any similarity with SEO. Moreover, you pay to search engines for PPC campaigns that you need not when you run SEO campaigns. The circumstances that help PPC to function at its best find place in the subsequent paragraphs.

PPC is fast acting and gives prompt results

As soon as the PPC advertisement appears on the top of search results, you will experience a flow of traffic to your websites almost immediately. It takes just as much time to drive traffic to your site, as it would take to switch on an electric lamp.  The speed of response encourages marketers to use PPC for product launches, CPA marketing, squeeze pages, seasonal promotions, event focused marketing, affiliate marketing, and similar business campaigns online.

PPC generates highly targeted traffic

If you want to market products to some specific audience based on demographics, then PPC is your best bet. PPC allows you to narrow down your prospects and by using the appropriate marketing platform like the social media; you can segregate the audience according to gender, age, education level, income and marital status who would be viewing the advertisements. The traffic that generates is thus highly targeted, and the response comes from the desired section of the audience that you have in mind.

PPC suits marketing of time bound offers

Since SEO takes time to give results, to market products attached with some time bound offers that come as special promotions, PPC is the best choice due to its fast acting feature. Even if you have just one day for the sale window, PPC can be very effective in making it happen as traffic starts flowing as soon as the ad appears.

PPC dominates rankings in keyword category

To dominate search results for keyword category relevant to your business, you can make good use of PPC campaigns because the ad appears at the top of the organic rankings and draws the largest attention and response from viewers. Three sponsored links together attract half of the search traffic.

As changing business scenarios could cover one or many of the above situations, a healthy mix of SEO and PPC is always preferred.

Author Bio: Phillip Austin is an SEO specialist and in charge of marketing of a leading digital marketing agency. He has made several e-commerce companies make the turnaround and placed it on the fast track of growth. A dramatist persona, he has penned a few stories that he has also acted on the stage.

A Look at the History and Impact of SEO on Modern Businesses

The impact of the internet on our lives is phenomenal. Undoubtedly it has changed society stupendously. The Internet is the most advanced, efficient and sound medium of the future. It creates an enormous impact on almost every sphere of our lives. One of its most important segments is internet marketing services which have allured public observation for its towering performance.Search Engine Optimisation is possibly the best example of internet marketing service arena. By this process, the visibility of a website can be enhanced.

Search Engine Optimisation takes into its consideration the minute details regarding how the search engines work, what exactly the potential users search for, the search terms they use, and so on. Almost every type of search including video search, image search, academic search, local search is targeted in the optimisation process. SEO involves specific activities including the editing of its contents and HTML, and the coding to increase its proximity to the search terms, and removing the barrier to the enhance the effectiveness of the indexing language employed by the particular search engine.

A Brief History of SEO

The process came into use for the first time during the mid-nineties of the present century when the early web searches were being catalogued, and gradually the process became more efficient. Playing a highly crucial part in online business websites along with other interactive sites, it has become the key tool to the websites for increasing traffic on the web from diverse sources and getting repetitive visitors and thereby appearing in the first five pages in the search engine.

When it comes to search engine optimisation, we take Google under consideration. As a search engine, Google has been considered as the most powerful as well as professional web search platform. After Google, you would find two other famous names, and they are Yahoo and Bing. Optimizing strategies are developed keeping Google in mind. SEO progress in Google will automatically fetch progress in other search engines. Now, the question is how SEO works? We shall find guidance in this matter in the following section of this article.

Effective Business Branding and Marketing

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation has been known as one of the most productive as well as interesting techniques for business branding and marketing. SEO offers many useful business marketing results with perfection, and that is why it is quite important as well as necessary to plan various SEO tactics as well as strategies meticulously. So, what are the most common SEO tactics that you should take into consideration? Will these tactics bring SEO benefits? What type of profits shall be attained with these tactics? Answering all these questions is essential for achieving better SEO results. In the following section, this article shall assist you with more insightful as well as crucial information.

SEO Helps Increasing Web Visitors

There is no value of having a website when you do not have a good number of regular visitors to your website. There is no reason to open a store if customers do not at all come to your store. Why do people not come to your site? Well, the potential reason could be lack of recognition or exposure. You need to brand and promote the website so that it becomes accessible for more and more people. With effective SEO based web marketing tactics, it is quite easier to attain high-level business success with perfection. SEO aims to enhance visitors on your website. As you get a high number of visitors, your website will be able to get better sales records. As sales start increasing, your business gradually moves towards higher profitability.

Getting Famous Globally

The Internet has often been regarded as the gateway to the global popularity. You cannot certainly ignore the power of the web. If you want to enjoy the benefits of the internet for your business, you need to invest both time and money in your search engine optimisation policies. With effective search engine optimisation, your business shall gain better recognition or reputation. SEO opens the door for global business exposure, as search engine drives traffic for the website from different parts of the world. Global exposure means getting more clients from various ends of the globe. It results into the fastest business growth with perfection.

Enhance Business Band Value

Brand value of your business can be increased significantly with tactical SEO solutions. Step by step SEO or Search Engine Optimisation results will bring incredible business success. It aims to give your better brand identity. As your business name becomes familiar to others, your business gradually turns into a better brand name. With better brand value, it is highly possible to help a business to grow at quick pace.

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Embracing Winning SEO Strategies ForBusiness Success!

SEO is one of the most important and vital tools you should embrace when you are in the online market.  Search engines like Google have many websites in the same niche, and this is where you should be careful when it comes to creating online marketing and promotion campaigns for your products and services. Email marketing is one such SEO technique that is helping businesses reach out to targeted customers.

These email marketing campaigns must be powerful and compelling enough to create positive impressions on your targeted audience. In fact, you should ensure that your targeted audience finds you. This can only be done with the aid of effective SEO campaigns that not only propel you to the top of search engine rankings but also attract the targeted audience you need for lead conversions and better sales.

Staying alive in the online market with Email Marketing

When you are the owner of an online business, it is imperative for you to keep track of the latest developments that are taking place in the market. Besides your email marketing and promotional campaigns, you also have other important activities of the business to cater to, and it is here that you should take help of professionals who are well versed in SEO. They will guide you on the market scenario so that you actually can attract targeted customers to your product and service.

Most business owners are not aware of the right SEO strategies for email marketing, and this is the prime reason why they cannot attract the audience that is looking for them. They are not adept at the latest SEO tools and techniques. This makes them lag behind in the market, and if they are not careful, they sink into oblivion very soon. It is important for all business owners of small to large scale businesses to understand the necessity of SEO for the growth and development of their business. In fact, SEO needs a strategy that has to be planned and executed well so that you get sufficient results and better sales.

Social media strategies to boost page ranks

When it comes to social media, you will find that they can play a vital and productive role in increasing the SEO ranks of your website. Social media platforms are affordable means to promote and advertise your business products and services to the targeted audience. You can also interact with your targeted audience when you are on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. These platforms have active users that daily visit and view feeds. You can reach out to a large base of social media users with business pages that help you market your goods and services to people across the world. Google Plus and LinkedIn are also widely used by individuals when it comes to looking for products and services for their corporate or individual needs.

With the perfect and right social media marketing strategy, you actually can reach out to the desired targeted audience in an inexpensive way. You no longer have to waste money on traditional advertising that is limited and costly on your pocket. The SEO team that you hire will devise strategies that meet the needs of your business without hassles at all. They alleviate the stress and pressure from your shoulders and give you the chance to focus on the other core functions and activities of your business with success. These search engine optimization Houston strategies are made in such a way that they meet the short and long- term goals of your business with success!

Understanding the importance of winning email marketing strategies

Most online business owners fail to understand what a winning SEO email marketing strategy is? This is why even if they attempt to create a marketing and SEO campaign they lack the skills, competence and the ability to formulate a plan that will give them guaranteed results. The strategy of two companies is not the same. However, most amateur business owners emulate an SEO strategy of their peers, and they do not get the desired results.

A winning SEO strategy will bring in guaranteed results as it is devised after a lot of research and market analysis. There are many factors you need to consider when you are creating an SEO strategy for your company. This is why hiring SEO professionals and agencies with years of valuable experience and track records will help you get the competitive edge to the market with success.

How can SEO companies assist you in?

SEO agencies have trained, certified and skilled manpower who are working with search engine and internet marketing campaigns daily. They are aware of the latest trends and have the up-to-date market knowledge of both onsite and offsite SEO techniques. They are always abreast with the changes taking place in the SEO market, and this is why banking on them for your needs is a smart choice.

Most small businesses are skeptical when it comes to hiring SEO agencies primarily because they believe and feel that their services are expensive and out of their budget. However, this is not the case. There are several SEO agencies in the market, and they provide you with a wide range of packages to choose from.

You can select the SEO package you need for your business. They are flexible and pocket-friendly to cater to your present and future needs. The SEO company will ensure you receive detailed reports when it comes to the performance of your campaigns and this provides you with a clear picture of the progress of your business.

Choosing the right agency for your needs

Affordable packages are available, and with the right SEO services, you can remain ahead in the market competition with success. You just need to take the time to hire the right professionals for your business so that you can focus on other functions of the company with the knowledge that your business is in safe hands.

SEO agencies are your friends in need when it comes to the growth and development of your business. Bank on them to get the best for your company and watch your business gradually soar to the top of search engine ranks with more traffic and revenue!

Author Bio:Karen Harrods is a search engine optimizationconsultant in the USA for small to large scale companies.

4 Complete Tools and Hacks to Increase Your SEO Productivity

Effective SEO is about being efficient in all your SEO work. You may not have time to handle all tasks if you approach them manually, particularly repetitive tasks. As such, it’s important to invest in tools, scripts and automation tools that can take care of the simple and repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on qualitative work that needs your direct attention. This article highlights some important tools that you can use to increase your SEO productivity.

  1. Google Analytics data extraction and reporting

One of the repetitive tasks you’ll have to do is generate monthly reports on Google Analytics, and this can take up an entire day (which is a lot out of every month!). Manually pulling GA data needs you to confirm entering the right date ranges, apply the correct segments, analyze the right metrics and confirm that you’re using the right profile through all these.

If you could automate this process, you stand to not only save time, but also eliminate human error and ensure consistency during reporting. You can do this by scheduling reports within Google Analytics, but one the best tools for thisis Google Analytics Add-on for Sheets. Once you include the add-on in your Google Sheets, you’ll be able to get data straight from GA API without even logging into your analytics interface.

Start by configuring the date ranges, metrics, profile and segments to be pulled by the API. Next, just run the report and the data will automatically be loaded onto the spreadsheet. The best part about all this is that once the reporting framework is configured, you can drastically reduce the length of time taken to pull GA data/reports every month.

For most reports, you’ll just change the date range at the start of the month and the GA API will apply your segments and collect necessary metrics. It is also possible to create charts within the spreadsheet which reference cells into which the data will be pulled. Every month, you’ll make very small adjustments on the charts to get what you need.

  1. Internal link-building opportunities

Internal links are very important ranking factors, even though they don’t receive as much airplay. With internal linking, you can optimize your landing pages for the particular keywords that you’re targeting, but you also have a chance to strategically spread out link equity so that your important landing pages can be elevated.

As such, it is always recommended that people should improve their internal linking profile, something that has been proven to work even in the most competitive keyword fields. Large and enterprise-level websites can find it hard to take advantage of any promising internal linking opportunity.

This is where Screaming Frog comes in. The tool is equipped with a search feature that takes out all the hassle from finding an internal linking opportunity. Before running its crawler on your site, navigate to Configuration>>Custom>>Search and include the keywords you’re looking to optimize for.

From here, Screaming Frog crawls the entire site and will return all URLs using that text within its custom report section. You can search for up to 10 separate keywords simultaneously and include various variations of the keyword being optimized for.

You can choose to pair the search with the Include/Exclude feature in Screaming Frog so that you can look for opportunities in particular places in your site. For better productivity, install the OpenList extension, which will open all relevant URLs in different tabs after search.

  1. Keyword research scaling

Google is now much more advanced in its ability to understand a webpage’s content because of the improved entity recognition capability. It is better able to process language and group related terms to glean out the context.

This means that it’s very important that you understand all your core keywords and all terms semantically related to it. More and more search professionals are turning to keyword techniques which include concepts like TF-IDF.

Because Google has increased its language processing capacity, your pages can rank for even bigger keyword sets than the ones you’re directly optimizing for. This is excellent news in terms of SEO, but it can be daunting when you’re just starting out with your keyword research: How can you know all keyword combinations that should be optimized for? And which ones should actually be used on the page?

This is where the Merge Words tool comes in handy. This is a simple tool which allows you to include words in three different columns, after which, according to its name, it will create all possible combinations of the terms you have entered. Rather than spending valuable time manually plugging keywords into your research tool, such as Google Keyword Planner, you can enter all the identifiers in your Merge Words and then lift the results back into the research tool.

  1. Scaling global SEO improvements

Increasing your SEO productivity doesn’t only refer to particular tactics relating to easier data collection. Productive SEOs should also be able to apply the same thinking to their entire campaigns in order to scale their successes.

While it is helpful to have page-level changes implemented, it is still tedious to optimize your websites on a page-by-page basis, and in the end, it can cause diminished returns on effort. Nowhere is this truer than when dealing with larger, enterprise-scale websites. Picking changes in individual pages would actually do very little in improving organic visibility of the website as a whole.

Instead, what Rochester search engine optimization’s need to look at is ways in which they can make global/sitewide changes that will improve SEO on the site as a whole. Such improvements will be the best use for your valuable time as an SEO since making a single change in one place leads to improvements in thousands of pages within the site.

Now, how will you find out which changes can be implemented globally? The one thing often done is to change up the meta description and title tag template logic in order to include valuable modifiers, words and phrases commonly searched for with your target keywords.

Another global improvement might be to weed out errors tucked within your website template. Screaming Frog is your best friend in this endeavor. You can begin by crawling the website and then sort out all reports offered by Screaming Frog according to “Inlinks”. This will show the number of links that have errors in the entire site.

You will probably find internal 404 errors and 301 redirects which have thousands of inlinks leading to them. This is a useful clue that you have a sitewide error, and simply fixing the template can fix the problem in most or all of the affected URLs.



Increasing output in your SEO means making efficiency, productivity and scalability core tenets which your work should stand on. You should always be looking for better and faster ways to increase your output without sacrificing the quality of your results. This will leave you free to do much more for your clients and actually make significant improvements to their organic visibility within much shorter timelines and without burning yourself out.


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How to overcome SEO disruptions to maintain good ranks

The ways of SEO are undoubtedly mysterious almost for everybody in the trade.  Even the most seasoned professional in the field is often left confused, as it was difficult to figure out the reasons for changes in search rankings.  Countless reasons contribute to search rankings, and it is almost impossible to find the exact cause. The problem is further compounded because the factors that are responsible for search rankings keep changing frequently often without any warning or notification. One beautiful morning you might be entirely surprised to see that the ranking has slipped below a few rungs and you are left extremely frustrated. This can happen despite following the best strategy to rank high in search results.

The feeling of disgust is quite natural because you must be practicing the best methods of the industry to keep your SEO campaign ahead of others yet face the disappointment. Almost every other person implementing SEO, experiences what has happened to you, so take heart from the fact that you are not alone.  Instead of being disheartened, be ready to counter the unexpected disruption in progress by taking it in your stride and staying prepared to overcome it.  As you go through this article, you will come to know about the ways of fighting the setback to regain the lost rank. In the process, you will come to know about the factors that must be checked to stage a quick recovery and what had appeared to be mysterious will now be looked upon as something not really so strange.

Pages not appearing in search results

This is a problem mostly encountered when you are setting out on a new SEO campaign. There is no certainty that your pages will show up in search results immediately.  If you know of the way search engines work, you must be aware that unless the new content is indexed by search engines, it will not show up in search results. Usually, for Google, the time for indexing new content can vary between 4 to 28 days. However, you can expedite the process to some extent by submitting an XML sitemap through the search console. In fact, doing this without waiting is what any SEO agency will advise you. However, you might still find that some pages are still not visible and if it happens, then you must scan the Google Search Console for crawl errors and make sure that you have not accidentally blocked search bots that are unable to see the pages.

Dip in traffic flow

It is natural that traffic flow might drop sometimes and you must not be worried about it as long as it is within the manageable range of 10 percent. Be alert that the drop does not increase and keep a close watch on the traffic changes that happen. If you ever find a sharp decline in traffic and the trend persists then it is a sign that something is grossly wrong and you must pull up your socks to prepare for a hard pitched battle. When traffic dwindles to almost nothing, it means that either your website is down or hit by Google penalty. If you find that none of these exists then poor links could be the cause why Google has turned away from your website and resulted in reduced traffic. Another possibility for low traffic is that a new Google update you are not aware has affected the site.  Sometimes, you might have changed the URL of a page when refreshing content, and it has affected traffic flow.

Rankings are volatile

The fluctuating nature of rankings is something that you have to accept in SEO. The rank that you earn now can change soon after because search engine rankings are too much volatile. Do not be perturbed to see your rank changing as long as the shift is not something drastic. Rankings keep jumping up and down like something you see in the stock market. Monitor the ranking at regular intervals to ascertain the trend and as long as the fluctuations are within expected levels, work on the long-term strategy of the campaign to push the ranks up once again. However, if the fluctuation is very erratic and you encounter it regularly, it means that there is something wrong in your strategy that has made the campaign inconsistent.

Consider the nature of your business for evaluating the nature of traffic flow to your website. If your industry has any seasonal impact, traffic might be low in off seasons and peak in favorable times.  Specific events can even affect traffic flow depending on the nature of business and industry.

Missing links

When building links make sure that you gain the confidence of the publisher of the website where you place your link. The site you target must find your link relevant and useful or else they might just remove it without even informing you. Even if the link remains in place but marking it as the no-follow link will render it useless. Link building is an exercise based on mutual understanding and making it one- sided can harm your interest. If you find your link removed, you can take it up with the publisher for reinstatement and in case it does not work, you must find a new website to host your link.

Site speed

The speed of your website does affect rankings. Sites that load faster tend to earn better rankings. The web design must facilitate speedy page opening, and you must pay attention to this aspect. The speed of websites can be increased by limiting the size of image files and doing away with some plugins that are seldom used. Streamline the meta-information for better speed and another way of doing it is by optimizing caching plugins. Often, the host provider is also a cause of poor speed and changing the host can solve the problem.

Have the patience to sustain the campaign because it takes time for SEO to give results. There will be ups and downs, but you must work diligently to achieve the goals that can take some months.

About the author – Nick Barnes has authored a few books on SEO and is currently heading an SEO agency. Having more than two decades of experience in internet marketing, he is a moderate voice in the industry. He is very fond of gardening.