How to get the Exact Post Stats from Facebook and Twitter

We all share our Links of Our Blog / Website in Facebook and twitter and many other Social Media Sites . And most websites have Social Sharing Page in their Pages by Default. But can we know about the Statistics what how many people have Clicked that and shared that Info. Here I want to […]

How to Generate Cool n Symbolic Facebook Status- Fsymbols

You may be updating status on Facebook almost daily. We use simple text to Update our Status. This is Very Boring always looking to a same text always. But you must have seen some status or in About me page of your Friends or any Fanpage written in a Unique Style like the Image given below- […]

Facebook has increased its limit in status updates to 63,206 characters

Recently Facebook has nounced its increase in limir in status update to 62,206 Charecters. Two months ago, Facebook increased its status update character limit from 500 to 5,000. Today, the social network has bumped it up again, this time by a 12-fold increase to 60,000 characters. So where does the number 63,206 come from? Facebook […]