The Top 4 Affordable Tablets for All

The tablets are slowly but surely becoming the most popular and preferred personal computing devices for a large number of people, especially the businessmen across the globe. Since the device allows the users to browse the web, send and receive e-mails and even watch videos and play games on the move has made it a […]

Have you Ordered Aakash Tablet? Now Wait till January for its Delivery

Most of us have already Ordered the Aakash Tablet as it costs us as low as rs-2500. You must have buyed it from website and it is expected to deliver the product to you within a Week. But now You have to wait till January 2012. The delivery of the Aakash Tablet will start […]

How to Pre-Order the New Aakash Tablet

How many of you heard about the Aakash tablet which was released by government at a price of $35 by early 2012 . It can help students for better study online. Aakash was developed by canadian company Datawind, in association with Indian Institue of Technology. To pre order the Aakash tablet click here – Aakash Tablet To contact UBISLATE and […]