Change of Lifestyle due to Internet Technology

Internet and Technology has changed the world in such a way that we have never Imagined. Within so limited time, modern Technology became so popular throughout the World that new generation kids dont know many things that we knew 15 years ago. They just read in Books about the way a Normal Human lives. But […]

Google and Facebook : The Creator ya The Destroyer ?

There are lots of Start-ups in the Internet. Now a days their is a large increase of Mobile Phones, Computers and Tablets in the Market. And due to this the number of Start-ups are Growing day to day and the Technology revolution is changing to Open Source or Open System. And this become platform dependent, […]

Change in Meaning of English Terms due to Technology [Infographic]

Technology has changed the way we live, we do our work and made our work easier by providing different Tools and services. Now the if there will be no technology it will be very tough to survive because we are addicted to it. But along with that it has changed the way we think, the […]

Technology and Transit System

Mass transit systems still dominate transportation systems in cities worldwide. Fast, safe, efficient and reliable, urban train systems also offer commuters an experience that can never compare to any other transport mode in the modern world. Train commuting to and from work has its own brand of sociology and commuter behaviors vary from one urban […]

Why Cutting the technology cable cord is a trend going in the right direction?

Cutting the technology cable cord may seem scary at first but it enables a person to have a better experience than watching cable. It might seem like a great hassle to switch from cable viewing, but once you have gone through it you might find unexpected benefits. While a range of satellite TV packages are […]