Time Track your employees at ease

Yesterday’s time clocks were only capable of stamping the time employees clocked in and out of work. Breaks, requesting time off, vacation time and other items had to be recorded by hand. It took time to look up any particular employee’s information. Today, time clock software allows employees to log in to work, record breaks, […]

The Truth about Time Management

Everything will be fine as long as we know how to manage our time, right? Well…only to a certain extent. There are some things you need to recognize first. For many of us, time management is just a matter of arranging all your important tasks to fit within a certain (limited) time frame. It’s supposed […]

Is your Time of your Computer Accurate? Check through Time.is.

Is your Time/ Clock of your Computer is Perfect/Accurate? Sometime you must have seen that the Time of Your Watch is not same as the Time of your Computer or Laptop. This makes me mad. But few days afo I got a Cool WebApp named as Time.IS using which you can check the Accurate Time […]