15+ Tips that I suggest to Save Battery Life for Longer Usage

I use a Dell Inspiron 15R laptop which usually runs for 3 hours on Battery,but you will not believe but my Laptop will run more than 4 hours on Battery once it is fully charged. My friends usually ask for tips to increase Laptop Battery efficiency. Now I have decided to list some of the Basic […]

5 Methods to Make 1000+ Followers in Google Plus Easily

Google Plus is the Fastest Growing Social Networking Site by Google and today many artists, photographers and business Owners have made their google plus page . I have been using Google+ for many days and now I have about 3000+ Followers. But How? Mu friends asked Me that How did I increased my Followers so […]

List Of Chat Abbreviations [Tips]

I used to use  long words while I chat, But my friend used to use the abbreviations and I was unable to understand anything. Last year I used to know some of the codes and now I knew some more abbs. Here are the list of abbreviations which I want to share. And please do […]