2 Essential Sales Tools for the Sales Ninja

If you search for sales apps on Google, you’ll get around 1.32 billion results.  In this RingCentral phone system blog post, for example, Baochi Nguyen recommends five iPhone apps for sales teams.  You’ll get other posts written in a similar vein, and this is not really surprising as commentators have noted that we’re now living […]

Top 10 Online Tools to Increase Your Productivity

Latest products, new business launch, advertisement and internet marketing seems to be a more powerful aspect of information technology. Every one of you tries to be at top of the list no matter you do business, sell your products online or promote others’ products through marketing. Possibly you have much more opportunities to get benefit […]

Freelancing 101: Know the Tools of the Trade

Now, more than ever, freelancing seems to be such an attractive option for job-seekers and even for people who are already holding down permanent occupations. With all sorts of mobile technology and all the platforms people can work with, there’s really no excuse not to be able to at least explore what options one has […]

8 Free Backup Tools for Windows

Data loss due to Hard Disk Crash / corrupt is a Basic problem for all the computer users. There are many Important Files and documents which must be kept in a safe and secure place so that cannot get lost.