BitTorrent P2P Network- Legal or illegal ?

Most of us use BitTorrent to download Pirated Stuffs from the Internet. Some Download movies, Games, tv series and some download Softwares, OS, Nulled stuffs etc. Almost everything you download from torrent is Illegal. But do you think that BitTorrent is used ONLY for Pirated Stuffs? If you are thinking like that then you are […]

How Virus and Malware Spread by Hackers

Everyday Thousands of Computers being Infected by Viruses / Malwares / Trojans even the computers have “Premium Antivirus” loaded in their computers. Previously hackers used to attack only Windows Computers but now they also target iOS and Linux too.

RIP : BTJunkie, Worlds largest torrent site indexer shuts down

After the Shutting down of Different Uploading and Downloading sit like “MegaUpload” , Hotfile and other Filesharing sites which had a great impact on File Sharing Market, now its time for the Torrent Downloading Sites. BTJunkie the highest torrent indexer  shuts down now. There is no warning from the service enclosure rather there is a GoodBye meggage […]

Why should one use Utorrent 2.2.1.

Last week after formatting my laptop I have download the utorrent from his official site and I have downloaded the torrent with version 2.2.1.I used it normally as it I do regularly.