How to Share A Single Post in Multiple Facebook Groups

We use Facebook to Connect with Friends and Colleagues online . Many of us stay online for the whole day. Facebook has a Nice Feature named as Facebook Groups which now a days is much popular . I have Joined / Forcibly Joined in almost 250 Groups. Most of the Bloggers Get Traffic by Posting their Links […]

How To Create an Invisible Folder in Windows 7 / Vista

You must have read my Post regaeding How to Lock a Folder using Notepad . But now I an doing to tell you about the trick which you can create an Invisible folder. You can make a folder such that no one can see nither the name noe the Image of the folder. Here is the […]

Jigsaw Puzzle Game on VLC while Playing any Video

Most of the People must be using VLC Media player to play their Video Files as it supports most of the Video and Audio file formats. If you dont have VLC player then you can download it from here – VLC Player . Now I am going to tell you about a Simple trick using which […]