12 Sites to Compress PNG & JPG Image Files

I have a Camera and each Images are more than 4MB and around 140GB of Photos were stored in my PC. I think you also have such Photos and must be thinking the process to compress them. Even Bloggers need to compress Images to load Website faster. I have listed a Collection of some website […]

Get Solutions for your Tech Problems easily and faster

Most of us have Tech Problems and we ask others for its Solutions but mostly you don’t get your Answer Solved. But there is the Ultimate Solution for you . You can get all your Solution to your Tech problems by asking the all new Question Answer Web Portal.

Instant Solutions for your math Problems – Mathway

Math is one of the Most Hated subjects my most of the Modern day students. Even I hate solving math Problems because it’s but confusing. If you score a good number in Mathematics in Exams then you are a math genius. If you are a Teacher or a Student who doesn’t like to study math […]

Rickshawale.com – A Web based Dial-An-Autorickshaw booking Portal

Rickshawale is a new Online Service which help you to book a Auto Rickshaw anytime , anywhere. This is presently available in Mumbai only. Previously there were online services to Book Taxi, Bus and all but now you can even book Autorickshaw from your nearest location.

Know the Past Tense Of any Word Online for Free

Know the Past Tense of Any English Word Online       [iframe http://www.pasttenseof.com/ 650 160]       Now a days Everything can be done online. Technology is So developed that we are converting every technology into online platform because it is easy to use and share. Now we can convert any file online […]