Wikipedia + Youtube = Wikitube [Chrome Extensions]

Both Wikipedia and Youtube are the best Tool of your Community. Wikipedia has the world’s biggest Encyclopedia which contains lots of world’s information where as Youtube is a Video sharing site which has a lots of Videos on their database. Imagine if both of them are Combined to a Single site. I mean imagine if […]

Justin Knapp : One Man with One Million Wikipedia Edits

An American Guy named as Justin Knapp , 30, from Indianapolis has became the First Person to make One Million Contributions to Wikipedia within 7 Years. The rate was around 385 edits per day or over One Edit in every 4minutes. Wikipedia founder Jummy Wales Announced the Millionth Edit on 19th April.

Imagine “Wikipedia” is a Printed Book.

Have You Ever Imagined that what will happen if we will Print the Wikipedia. The Wikipedia’s English edition consist of more than 3Million Articles and if We will Print all of them then the Size of the book will be around  1000 volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica.