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It happens a number of times that people delete their important files from their computer. And it can lead up to sever inconvenience if you have removed a vital document mistakenly. Fret not! No matter what you have deleted accidentally, it can be recovered using data recovery software. Let us tell you what are the types of files you can recover? As we utter the word ‘files’, please keep in mind that computer files can be anything. It can be videos, word files, PDFs, MP3 audios or text files. Till you initiate the recovery process, allow your computer to have some rest, try using it to a minimum. Why? Because the more you use it, the machine will automatically read more data and make it difficult for you to retrieve the deleted item.


Secured methods to recover deleted data

The most secure and hassle-free method to recover accidentally deleted items is to use the free data recovery software available online. Many of the software come for free; however, the authenticity is never compromised. The third party data recovery or memory card recovery software, EaseUS is one of the trusted software in this regard. One can download any of the free data recovery software to work with. Often software is open to short-term free trials, along with advanced updates to provide a user-friendly experience.

The data recovery software available online works quite good and can be trusted for getting your files back even if it has been deleted permanently from the recycle bin. However, many a time even if the file has been recovered, the content needs to be rewritten.

Usually, this is how free data recovery software works:

  1. If you have deleted an item from your computer and need to recover it, download free data recovery software first. Once downloaded, install it in the system, which most of the times needs permission from the user. The software then scans the whole system in order to get access to all the folders.
  2. Following the thorough scanning process, the software starts searching for the lost content.
  3. One should always disable third-party protection in order to run the software to search for the lost data.
  4. Once found the lost file, the user can easily restore the displayed file by just a click in the new file or folder.
  5. If anyone is worried thinking that the file content may get distorted during transfer, rest assured. Files recovered by data recovery software are permanent and is never changed during the restoration process.
Why prefer EaseUS data recovery software over others? Here goes the reason:

Want a fast recovery of your deleted items? EaseUS can help with that. EaseUS is fast and trusted data recovery software and you will get back your deleted items in just a few minutes and with a few clicks. While other data recovery software available in the industry only from the internal hard drive, with EaseUS one can restore the deleted files also from the external drive attached to the system.

Why EaseUS is best? It is because users can select the disk partition and storage location from where they have deleted the files.  Also, if you are facing issues in managing partitions, backup and restore your data, and transferring data, EaseUS can assist in that as well.

While you are working on windows, EaseUS has been considered as the most convenient software to work with by most users. It has been designed to deal with all complicated data loss, like deleted recovery, system crash, data recovery after virus attack, format recovery, and raw error. If you have accidentally deleted items from a personal machine, external hard drive, memory card, iPods, memory cards, DVDs, or USB drive can also be restored while keeping the content intact and in no time.

When compared to other data restoring software that follow the usual method of searching- scanning- restoring method, EaseUS can always provide a better experience because it can identify multiple tools and advanced settings. It works with all the versions of Windows and can recover files from 32 and 64-bit window versions.

Also, this software runs an automatic and deep scan to find out more documents followed by the quick scan. As all these are done, this software will allow its users to filter and preview all the recoverable files by its types. First select the files you want to keep, click recover, and restore them from the PC or any other external storage device.

How to avoid accidental deletion of important documents?

Now that we have provided ample information on data recovery software, one should be careful while working on their computers. To avoid accidental removal of important documents, files or folders, and throw it to the recycle bin, one should initiate for a confirmation when deleting files.

Computers cannot delete your important documents by themselves unless it has been commanded to work in such a manner. So in order to avoid accidental removal of documents, one has to modify the properties of the recycle bins. When you right click and tap and hold the recycle bin icon, there appears display delete confirmation dialogue which would make sure that you will check what’s in the box and if you are sure you want to delete it.

Have you deleted your documents permanently? Data recovery software can be your saviour. You can always undo permanent removal of files in Windows 10/8/7/XP and Vista. Follow the aforementioned methods or select any of the tools to make sure you get back all your documents with a single click and in a hassle-free mode.

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Windows 9 rumours and expected features

Windows is the de facto operating system choice for around 90% of the world’s population. There’s something about windows that just makes it easy to use. It’s the widespread availability and easily available support which makes Windows the platform of choice for all of the users. Windows has seen major changes since the time Windows 8 had been launched. People were met with an OS that was brand new, shining. But it was something that they were not familiar with and the end result was that it ended up with feeble adoption rates and people didn’t appreciate the time and effort put into it. Microsoft tried to resolve some of the issues with its Windows 8.1 update but they were not much in terms of design changes. Though the 8.1 update made windows faster and even more secure users wanted the Start menu back. It was something they were used to. Many free wares came up which claimed to bring back the start menu functionality. I myself use one of them called StartMenu8.  Rumour has it that Windows 9 which is also being called as “Threshold” is going to incorporate the old start menu back along with the custom Windows 8 start menu layout which is the new theme (earlier known as the metro UI). A recent report by ZDnet also claims the same.

The features which are being touted for Windows 9 also include the ability to shift desktop layouts with the changing user input methods. For instance, if a user has a mouse and a keyboard connected then the system will automatically show/boot into the traditional windows desktop layout by default. If a person has a touch input or is on a tablet pc then he would be shown the Modern UI along with the live tiles.

Apart from that, you can always switch things on/off manually which is always offered in Windows. The new start menu is going to be the one feature that everyone loves for this Windows.

windows 9

Among the rumours rampant online, one of them is being actively discussed. It’s about the ability to kill the Metro UI fully. The system will boot straight into the desktop and the Metro UI can be completely disabled fully. Windows 9 is all about giving the user more control.

The final release versions are said to come in the spring of 2015 while the pre-release versions might come up by the end of this year!

Windows 9 has cropped up its head in the server logs, Windows 9 Build Number 6.4.9788.0 has appeared a few times in the server logs in the Windows store app and according to a latest report by International business times and we can expect more such releases to show up in the wild anytime soon.

Also among the long list of rumours, one of the major points of speculation is that Windows 9 is rumoured to be a free update to existing Windows 8.1 users. Apart from that it’s also being rumoured that the basic functional Windows 9 would be free while the versions with more features and powerful functionality would be set for purchase through Windows Store.

The expected time for Windows 9’s release is said to be around 2015. So, there’s a lot of time for more rumours and bloopers. But these are among the ones which have been confirmed for the future releases and we can hope to soon see the leaked builds of the final version.

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Use Windroy to Emulate Android on your Windows 8 & 7

As Android is growing in the market, everyone want to use it as there are tons of free apps available in the Play store. Previously we posted about Bluestacks, the most popular Desktop Android Emulator. But sometime bluestack stuck while using it on Windows 8 PC.

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Top Free Media Players Alternatives for Windows

Windows have inbuilt Media player named as Windows Media Player which is best for playing MP3 files and some other video Files but this Player does not support some Video Formats such as MKV or FLV. These players are Widely used by users but it wont work with WMP. Some suggest not to use VLC Player on their PC.

Here I have listed some free Alternatives of Players which are preloaded with lots of Codecs and Support most of the Video and Audio formats.

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How to use Firefox OS on your Windows/MAC/Linux OS?

firefox os rightyaleft (1)

Mozilla is an Organization which produces Open Source Application such as Firefox, Thunderbird etc. and currently preparing himself for the battle to the Mobile Operating System named as Firefox OS. Currently this OS in running on two mobile phones. So the mobile community users are waiting to try this new OS.

If you are not a Developer of Firefox OS and still want to try this OS on your PC then you can download it, simulate it and use this new Mobile OS on your PC.

If you have a FirefoxBrowser installed on your PC then it’s well and good else you can download it from here. Once you are ready with the Browser run it and go to Tools –> Add-ons.

firefox os rightyaleft (2)

You can see the Add-on manager on the page. And search for Firefox Simulator in the search box in the Top right of the page. You can find Firefox OS Simulator 2.x.x , click on it and you will get an Install button from there. The file will be more than 60MB of size so it will take some time to download.

firefox os rightyaleft (3)

After installing it GOTO Tools –> Web Developer –> Firefox OS Simulator.

firefox os rightyaleft (4)

Now you will find the simulator Status as Stopped, just make it Running. Now you have done.

firefox os rightyaleft (2)

You can start the Firefox OS on your PC and try it because it has already entered the war of Smartphones.

firefox os rightyaleft (3)

How to Show My Computer in Windows 8 Desktop?

The beautiful Windows 8 is finally available at a very reasonable and lucrative price. If you’ve upgraded your system to Windows 8, you probably have noticed that apart from start menu and hot-corners, there are various little changes happened around especially at Windows 8 Desktop. A similar major change that probably everyone has noticed is the unavailability of “my computer” shortcut on desktop.  In windows 7, we are able to add that shortcut on desktop by going to start menu, right clicking the My Computer Field and by clicking “Show on Desktop” option. But there’s no such start menu in Windows 8. In fact, similar things have changed a lot around Windows 8 and all those tricks that you were using in Windows 7 may or may not work in Windows 8.  So how will you show the “My computer” in Windows 8 Desktop? Well, over the due course of this article we’ll be discussing you the same and help you in placing a “My Computer” shortcut on Desktop.

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System Management and Maintenance in Windows 8

A new environment, a new way of maintenance. How to Windows 8 as an IT professional to manage?

To begin with, we are particularly curious about the overall performance of the new operating system. We can be brief. Windows 8 continues the line of Windows 7 on and enhances the performance of our test system. We start noticeably faster and smoother machine responds to commands.

The first question that the more conservative system will enable at the sight of Windows 8 is: “Where is the start menu and how do I get back to the classic view?” Unfortunately, Microsoft supports this possibility, but there are several free applications available that the start menu can bring it back.

More important is the question of how many versions of Windows 8 there are and which version you need. For small business and home users is the correct answer to that question two, namely Windows 8 for home users and Windows 8 Pro for business users. The Pro version offers everything the regular version has, but complements it including BitLocker encryption, support for Group Policy, logon domains and hosting Remote Desktop.

Moreover, for larger companies the Enterprise version, which only through volume licensing to get. Windows 8 Enterprise offers the additional applications from medium-sized companies are interesting as App Locker, Windows To Go, Direct Access and Branch Cache.

In many marketing materials Microsoft calls a version of Windows 8, namely Windows RT. This version is specially for ARM processor-equipped devices. This version includes standard Microsoft Office. It is not possible for standard Windows applications to install on Windows RT, because normal applications designed to run on a x86/64-processor. RT Windows is not without hardware sold.

Within Europe, the Windows 8 versions as N-variant appearance without Windows Media Player, so as to meet the requirements of the European Commission. All versions are both 64 bit and 32 bit as well as get.


Windows 8 enables relatively modest demands on the hardware. The specifications are recommended: 1 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit) 16 GB (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit) space on the hard drive, and a DirectX 9 graphics card that supports WDDM 1.0. To use Windows 8 UI applications is a minimum resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels. Two applications simultaneously by using the snap feature “only with a resolution of 1,366 by 768 pixels. For Secured Boot is a UEFI BIOS and requires the use of extensive Hyper-V features a 64 bit system with SLAT capabilities and 2 GB of additional memory.

Support for older hardware for most devices like Windows 7. If a device works under this operating system, it should work in Windows 8. This applies not only to printers and scanners. Microsoft has controlling these devices completely renewed, so many models for a new driver from the manufacturer. On our test systems produced locally connected printers as network printer problems. It is therefore wise to a first transition from the manufacturer to check for the latest drivers for your printer or scanner is available. In addition, you can use the Upgrade Assistant from Microsoft also easy compatibility for other hardware and software check.


The installation of Windows 8 is faster than that of Windows 7 and takes an average of just over twenty minutes. Upgrades of machines are optimized and even machines where many files are to be upgraded within an hour. Windows 7 users may possibly over the internet upgrade to Windows 8. For use in organizations, it is possible a ready-made installer to download, which then helps to create an installation CD or a bootable system drive. If multiple identical installations must perform, can such traditionally a ‘unattended’ xml file to standard answers to questions such as the product key to give.

In the area of updates is a pleasant improvement made to Windows Update. The automatic restart after ten minutes is replaced. A machine that has updates now indicates that within a few days should be restarted. For most users, this gives enough time for a day to complete, and then at the end of the day the updates to perform, making up for lost time limited.

New task management

In the arsenal of the system we find another old friend who has undergone some much needed improvements. The Task Manager is a standard format between running applications and background tasks. Not only the load on the processor, but also the memory usage, disk access and network loads are directly displayed. With colors in a glance which applications and processes hardest on the system again.

There the improvements not. We can from the task manager also a direct overview of the applications that start when Windows starts. Windows will immediately to the influence of the applications on the operation of the system. With the push of a button, we ensure that certain applications are no longer standard start.

Who longs for the old list again with PID, username and status can also be found. There is even a tab for the applications in the past have put pressure on the system. That can be a good tool to complaints on another system to solve.

More options

Windows 8 includes more natural options that improved or added. There is a separate option in the settings of Windows 8 UI which we can restore the computer to factory settings, so we do not have much to fear if we have a computer selling or transferring to a new employee.

There is also the possibility to create a Picture Password. Would you log into Windows, then you just three preset movements on an image. This can both touch and mouse. The image passwords are easy to set up and for most users a lot easier to remember. Also copying files is more intuitive than before. If you go home for the command to 10,000 files to the server copy, then see the next day we no longer have that copy action was paused at file 10 – EG whether we also wanted to copy system file. The question will still remain, but the background does Windows just continue with the other files.

Multiple, one after the other copy jobs are entered in the same window and jointly. If we in Windows 8 three times a copy job to give some large files to copy, we see not that command a four minutes, commissioned two eighteen hours and contract three or four days. The time is now divided neatly on the assignments.

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Win a copy of Windows 8 Pro : Diwali Giveaway [Closed]

Windows 8 is Finally out, and Diwali is Coming , So here we are going to give you a Chance to Win a Copy of Brand New Windows Operating System , The Windows 8 Pro to one of our Lucky Reader. This is the First Giveaway provided by RIGHTyaLEFT.

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Does a single User Interface Match All? A Sensitive Windows 8 Issue

It continues to be noticed no matter if companies and customers want touch-interaction in numerous gadgets, said expert “Sarah Rottman Epps”, but she described that there’s also other Windows 8 interaction ways, like keyboard with touch, which Microsoft is championing. Rotman stated she discovered Windows 8’s touch screen/keyboard combination appealing. About a minute just after midnight Friday early morning, Microsoft’s new Operating System platform for laptop computers, desktop computers and tablets turned formally available — and the firm moved into a distinct era.

But will it represent a turning point for the Microsoft Company?


Some experts are recommending that, when Windows 8/Windows RT is a vibrant effort by Microsoft to get a grip in the growing tablet industry, it also represents the 1st important stage into what the company thinks is the post-tablet period. This new period in computing, with respect to this thinking, is focused close to touch-based communications, even on laptop computers and desktops.

Apple, obviously, has obtained a “maintain them individual” strategy to touch-based tablets and other gadgets compared to keyboard and mouse-oriented desktops/laptops. Tim Cook CEO of Apple, for occasion, has explained to news and media channels that a person could design a car that both floats and flies, “but I don’t consider it would do possibly of those factors perfectly.”

Are All Displays Touchable?

On the other hand, Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky, head of division – Windows, has mentioned that all displays should be touchable, and a wide range of  producers are rapidly shifting to achieve that goal through touch-screen all-in-ones and convertible tablets/laptops.

We asked many Microsoft-following experts if the Windows 8 release shows a major turning point for the Microsoft company, the PC industry, or both.

Sarah Rotman Epps stated the release was certainly “a main turning point for Microsoft,” including that it was a “large, substantial jump.”

An essential factor of that, she said, is that now there is a “worry among its own company and the company of its production partners,” especially due to Microsoft’s release of its own tablet, Surface pro.

The Operating system launch also represents a big turning point due to the new touch-based user interface in Windows 8 and RT, she said. “Touching interaction is compelling,” Rotman told us, but touch sensitive computer systems also add charges to the selling price.

“Convert By it self”

It stays to be noticed if companies and customers want touch-interaction in a lot of gadgets, but she described that there are also other interaction ways, like touch with keyboard, that Microsoft is championing to a better level than others have completed before. Rotman said that she discovered the touch screen/keyboard combination to be attractive and “simple enough to learn.”

Avi Greengart of Existing Research said that “we are absolutely in a new age,” but it is really because customers are “no more tied to a desktop computer.”

Apple’s perspective, he described, is that laptops and desktops “have one set of features and entertaining ways,” while portable computing should be maintained “deliberately very simple” because they’ve other aspects at play. Appropriately, he said, Apple has designed a smart phone Operating System and migrated it to the tablet, when Microsoft has “taken a desktop Operating System and migrated it to mobile phone.”

It isn’t a lot that Windows 8 and RT represents a turning-point for Microsoft, Greengart informed us, as it is the company’s “bid to transform by itself” to conform to this new trend where it discovers itself, an age in which it is continue to struggling to have a grip in mobile phone.


How to Play XBox 360 Games in Windows PC

Xbox 360 is one of the most Popular Gaming Gadget ever created by Microsoft. It has a very Close Competitor Sony Playstation. Still many games are Released Exclusively for Microsoft. Many people cant afford XBox as its bit costlier and usually prefer to Play in Desktop PC.

For those People who want to Play XBox 360 Games in thier Desktop Computer can can use the method to do so. Microsoft XBox games are definitely not compatible with Windows as both have different run time Environment. You can Emulate (Play) the XBox Games in Windows by installing XBox runtime environment in Windows.

A PC needs to have Minimum of 2GB RAM, a minimum of 10-15GB of Harddisk space depending on the Game. And the most Important it need to be minimum 64Bit Intel P4 or AMD Athlon with Higher Graphics.

Steps to Play XBox 360 Games on PC-

  • First of all you need to Install any XBox emulator of your Choice. I use Cxbx as it is an effective and stable Xbox emulator working in Windows 7.

  • Run the file after Downloading and Extracting it after which it will ask your for the Game Disk. If you ahve Image and Deamon tools then Load the Game File in the Deamon Tools.
  • The Game will take some time to load. Now you can run the Game easily.

Download Cxbx –  [button link=”http://www.caustik.com/cxbx/download.htm” type=”icon” newwindow=”yes”] Download Cxbx[/button]

Thats it.

How to Deal with Microsoft Recovery Disk

Have you ever thought that the windows recovery system is vital? Certainly, this is important. Most of the times, an operating system’s frequently hit by viruses and several data are lost. What you need to do? Is there any chance that you gain back the documents? This is one big question of course. With assistance, you can definitely gather all the data lost in your own. Also, you can have XP recovery disks as well from the companies where the PC was made. XP recovery disks also can gather from MS windows. More than a few people opt for pirated CD, though it will definitely just ruin your system. If you won’t take original one, then you would certainly be in trouble.

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Get Windows 8 look in Windows XP

Till date Windows XP is the Most Popular and Most Widely used Operating System in the World. There are a lot of Tweaks and Tricks to Customize Windows XP. Previously I have posted about how to transform to Ubuntu , Tango Phoneand Christmas Theme . By using Windows XP you can the Feel and Look of Windows 8 easily. It is just a theme developed by hameddanget@deviantart.com .

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