WordPress is an open source website formation tool. This is one of the coolest and influential content management systems prevailing today. It is a perfect choice for inexpert and non-mechanical users who can easily build the website without so many formalities.

WordPress is a perfect platform for a diversity of websites for creating a content management system in one place. It is easy to use and a perfect tool for all companies and developers, but there are some WordPress faults that give little stress. However, some of its errors fixed up easily, but there are some few errors you need to know about how to fix them and why they occur.

The best in all its SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO, file manager, and sitemap XML makes the SEO cool for the websites. Running an SEO website is not a cup of tea for anyone even with a WordPress. There are some fundamentals from which you have to stay update and make the things easy to run a website on SEO.

To run all the things in the correct way you should find out those errors and reasons that negatively affect your website SEO. Go ahead with the page and find out your answers if you need any help of experts you can click here for marketing company.

404 Error

If this error occurs on your website it is not your fault it is the client side error. It is a failure to find out the given request given by your customer in your website. For example, in your website, you are sharing some external links of your client site or if he delete the links and they are still present in your WordPress plugins it shows 404 sever not found on the user’s pc. If your site contains a number of broken links it seriously damages your website reputation and creates a poor experience for the user. These are three types of errors such as external 404, outgoing 404, and internal 404.

To repair these errors you must read out your website broken links to increase the User experience and always make sure your SEO is running best.

404 Not found the error

It is a failure of the request which makes by your user. It is a client-side problem which seriously affects the traffic of your website. It sometimes is shown as “file not found” in the search request. The common reason for this matter is permalink settings in WordPress. If you want to fix this issue you have to re-configure your site permalink settings and manually apprise all the rules.


Google crawling errors

Crawl errors occur when Google can’t able to crawl your site on search engine. For example, if the user searches a website and it shows a site error or crawls errors. Another words you can say the user does not reach your website when Google fails to recognize the URL of the entered address. This affects very badly to your site because Google can’t rank and crawl the site.

502 gateway based errors

These are mostly bewildering errors which generally appears on the WordPress website it mostly occurs when your website takes a lot of time to load without showing any error.

In other words, you can say that when your apps I receive the bad response from another server it might be network or browser problem but there is something wrong in your WordPress as well so look out this error first because if it occurs again and again it affects the traffic very severely. To fix this issue you have to check out the Configuration settings.

500 internal server error

It is an indication that your website server getting trouble in delivering the precise information to the user. This error is frequent in the websites with you have to make sure that it never occurs in your website because it affects the repetition and traffic of your website badly even it affects the Search Engine Optimization. It eventually leads you website in the bad situation where you can’t get any visitors or ranking by the Google.

504 gateway timeout error

This error often caused when the user requesting to read the information of your website and it takes a lot of time to proceed and then shows Timeout error to the user. It generally affects your website visitors because no one wants to deal with that website which takes a lot of time to proceed so please make sure this error is fixed. To fix it you need to check out the WordPress Firewall like Cloudflare.


If you are doing SEO with your website so you have to fix up these errors as soon as possible because it is the only way to generate high-quality traffic and genuine visitors to your website that can easily crawl by the Google and better your site reputation in the Google as well as in the consumer choices.