Whenever you use a PC, the windows write all the files to your hard drive. It also reduces the speed of the system and there is delay in response. Usually, we delete items like files and photo from the system to get more space in the hard drive. Actually, the deleted items are not completely deleted instead they take up more hard drive space. To completely erase it you have to go and delete it from re-cyclebin. You can also use the disk cleanup utility to clear up hard drive space by removing various files like temporary internet file, system error memory dump files and other. The cleaning can be done by selecting the particular drive and there is also option to deleted temporary files and downloaded files without disk cleanup. If the PC has multiple hard drives or partitioned hard drives where you may find running out of space on drive. For this solution, you can save it in different drive location like USB flash or memory card. PC user should not put the system in hibernation mode it saves a snapshot of your files and drivers before shutting down whereas this process takes more space.

You can also uninstall the apps or program which is unused in the system that takes partial space in the system. There are also another option to save your files in cloud and also select the folder that you want to sync. In addition, you can go for de-fragment of your hard drive and this happens while adding new file to the computer where a particular portion of the hard drive is assigned to store the file. After de-fragmentation if you keep on deleting and saving file leads to leaving gap in your hard drive. This also affects the usable free space in the hard drive. It gives you quick starting time and also offers little pressure to your hard drive.

Speed up your computer

When you surf the internet, the PC takes lot of unnecessary files and the same thing happens when you run programs. A lot of files are saved in the computer and the use of PC optimization tool removes the unnecessary files and setting to speed up the computer.


CCleaner identifies and removes the unused program which is running in the background when you start the computer. The CCleaner makes your browsing more confidential whereas to prevent from identity theft and online fraud. Get CCleaner with up to 50% discount saving using ccleaner coupon codes for a limited time.

Analyze disk space

To know exactly what is exactly using your hard disk and this application scans your program and finds out which files and folder are taking more space. There are many tools to discover about the hard drive space and check if the program folder in the program files folder using large space. You can uninstall the program and there many tool in the market to find out how much space a program is using.

Fixes issue

Sometimes there may be system freezes, error message and crashes in the system which makes cluttered with unused file and broken setting. The CCleaner comes with built-in registry cleaner which identifies and fixes error and broken setting to make your system run more stable.


Remove temporary files

A temporary file is created to hold information temporarily when a file is being created and it is created in .TMP file. You can also view and delete the temporary files by clicking the start menu and typing %temp% in search field. It lists all the temporary files where are can select it for removing from the disk. There would be improvement in the system after deleting these files and if you are not able to delete .TMP files. It shows that the file is currently used by Windows or another program which is running and to delete the program you should close all the program and restart the computer for deleting. You also try using CCleaner, the most reliable software to run faster, secure and in a reliable manner. This product does customisable cleaning and also with less crashes and system error. It also ensures that the files are deleted permanently.


Currently, there are many tools in the market for cleaning the disk efficiently and you choose the one which is much required for it. You can get cleaning software with different features and some of the advertisers as well as website track your behavior with online cookies. CCleaner is easy to use and resolves all kinds of issues from the computer.