“You don’t have to make yourself miserable to be successful. It’s natural to look back and mythologize the long nights and manic moments of genius, but success isn’t about working hard, it’s about working smart.” ―Andrew Wilkinson, founder of MetaLab

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We live in an exciting, but fast paced world where technology is changing rapidly. Kids are growing up tech native and most of us use and love how tech has made our lives more convenient  and interesting, and our work productivity go up.

Tech can serve us well not just at work, but in our leisure time as well. As recommended by self-help gurus and business coaches the world over time off and work life balance is an integral part of overall well-being. Read on to find out how 6 new tech developments can help you take that much needed break to recharge your batteries!

  1. The Snap SmartCam for home security

This is a deceptively small full HD 1080p resolution security camera that will watch your home while you are away at work, shopping, or any other necessary daily task. No batteries are required. And its likeness to a USB means that this camera is hidden.


  1. A creative way to charge your devices – Trusty Charge

This is an all-in-one charger– hooray! It has multiple sources of creating power – mechanical by cranking and solar, making it absolutely perfect for trips away. It can charge your devices via USB connections and also serves as a flashlight.

  1. The Night Guide– high definition driving glasses

And here we have some wearable tech in the form of Night Guide driving glasses. These high tech glasses enhance the colors you see at night to give you a better view of your nighttime surroundings.

  1.  A monocular lens for your smartphone camera – Starscope MonocularThe optical instrument every outdoor lover needs.”

Smartphone camera technology continues to develop, with each new version that is released. But constant users of smartphones who are looking to maximize the abilities of their cameras may benefit from the Starscope Monocular. This is a camera lens that you can use with your existing smartphone which will provide you with zoom capabilities of up to 10x at a very affordable price.

  1.  A full kit of emergency car tools – Roadside Hero

Who doesn’t need a flashlight with solar powered multi-function survival flashlight with hammer, belt cutter, magnet, compass, and power bank? It can be used as a regular 3-mode 200 lumen standard flashlight, 10 LED bright white work light, or red emergency SOS light. Roadside Hero, which is a 9-in-1 tool that offers:

  1.  Tech ready luggage– Victorinox Lexicon Hardside Frequent Flyer Smart Suitcase

The Victorinox Lexicon Hardside Frequent Flyer Smart Suitcase for has a USB 2.0 port that also has a pre-installed cable and a zipped pocket for you to put your essential battery pack. This means you are tech ready and stylish wherever you go.

Holidays and breaks from work are a necessity. It is essential to take time to recuperate and recharge. Doing this in not only enjoyable, it will only improve your productivity and focus when you return to work. So use your holiday days, and these tech tools, and take a smart break from work.

If you are struggling with stress and finding that elusive balance you may benefit from working with a life/business coach  to look at your  personal and your professional needs, goals, and priorities. Taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of business!