Many marketers often do not include SEO on their priority list when devising online marketing strategies, thinking that it is no more relevant.  This is a big mistake because although there were murmurs in the marketing circles about SEO fading away due to the introduction of many new marketing techniques like content marketing and social media marketing Houston, the reality is just the opposite. SEO has lost neither its relevance nor importance, and it is still the most forceful online marketing tool. The fact is that all new techniques are offshoots of SEO and closely linked to it. Therefore, even if you want to use the new techniques and marketing tools, you can never deny SEO the place that it deserves in online marketing. If SEO is not giving the right results then perhaps you need to start using lesser-known but highly effective tactics as discussed below.

Expand your social media presence

To make the most efficient use of the social media for marketing, be present on the maximum number of channels as possible. Do not just limit your presence on the popular channels because the more you can expose your online identity through various channels, more quality traffic would flow to your website. However, you must ensure that you are not just a sleeping entity on the platform but be active enough to draw attention. Accepting the fact that not all channels are equally helpful to gain mileage in marketing, some might be much below your expectations, but whatever little you get from it would add value to your efforts. The more you spread your identity on the social media, higher are the chances of creating an impact on organic searches that put your campaign in good stead.

Landing pages add value to SEO

Pay utmost attention to the landing pages of the website because it has the potential of bringing good value to the business.  How much traffic the site attracts depends on the quality of landing pages that has immense powers in upholding the SEO campaign.  To make landing pages work for strengthening the SEO campaign, take the best measures in optimizing the pages by using carefully selected high-quality content. Since content has immense powers in adding authority to websites, you must focus on publishing long-form content that spells quality and is relevant and useful for viewers.   Strategically use a few long tail keywords in the content to enhance its effectiveness.

Optimization of images is a necessity

The loading time of website pages impacts the user experience. Faster loading websites are not only attractive but also remunerative. More is the website user-friendly; higher are the chances of attracting quality traffic that helps to earn more revenue.  Images are responsible for maintaining good website speed and to achieve it you must pay attention to optimize images, which are one of the essential elements that help to drive SEO campaigns to the next level. Condense the photos so that it occupies the minimum space for optimal viewing, give it a name and do not forget to include keywords in the title.

Use infographics

Viewers get attracted to infographics as it provides information attractively and concisely that perfectly suits the speedy lifestyle of today’s generation. Websites with infographics drive more traffic to it, but you have to ensure that its design is excellent and the quality of content just simply the best.  For succeeding with infographics, these parameters are most important and needs perfect blending. However, infographics have a disadvantage in that search engines do not index it. To overcome the shortcoming, use infographics with a suitable long-form content of approximately 2000 words that helps the page capture the attention of search engines and facilitate good ranking.

Launch mobile app

Although responsive web design is a norm today, being happy and content because responsive websites attract more traffic would lead to complacency that can prove detrimental in providing good results. Unless you can convert a large part of the traffic, you cannot generate revenue, which is the ultimate goal of any SEO campaign. Therefore, it is vital to make aggressive plans for reaching out to mobile users so that they move towards completing the purchasing cycle. Creating mobile app is a great way to enhance user experience as it acts as an extended arm of the website and helps in expanding the reach. Viewers get an additional avenue for connecting with your business when they make use of the mobile app that is faster than navigating through the website pages. As Google is now keen for indexing mobile apps too, the chances of improving search rankings get a boost.

Every action that you take needs time to show results, and you must be convinced of the methods that would help you to stick to it with patience.