The famous annual gathering called hacker Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin, a hacker activist Nick Farr said he is nearing the moment when the international hacker community in orbit will get its first satellite, with the aim “to seize control of the terrestrial entity.”

Farr says that on the collection of money for the launch of communications satellites since August 2011. year donors have become especially motivated after the publication of the American proposals anti piracy law Act (Stop Online Piracy Act).

This law would enable the blocking of Web sites for copyright infringement which many citizens of the United States and around the world interpreted as a worst form of censorship, which could ultimately lead to the rulers and large businesses manage the flow of information on the Internet.

Farr says that sending private satellites into orbit is no longer a major issue, given that there already exists a number of amateur satellites, but the biggest cost is the networked ground stations for tracking and a large number of activities taking place just about their installation.

This project is jointly managed by Chaos Computer Club, a famous German hacker group that organizes the CCC Congress in Berlin (which brings together experts in security and hacker legal group) and aerospace organizations Constellation, which is based on student projects and its goal is to eventually send the amateur-astronauts into space until 2023. year.

Space experts say the technology to send amateur satellites today is not expensive and technologically demanding, but only when talking about the satellites orbiting every 90 minutes, while placing the satellite in geostationary orbit fixed something that hackers will need a little more money and technical assistance.

In addition, Professor Woodward of the University of Survey says “setting up satellites in space is not illegal because no country is entitled to the outer space above its territory, but also there is no law to protect satellites and therefore would theoretically anyone could blow up a private satellite with a missile and no one answer for that, because it is not an asset of a country. “

CCC and Constellation ground plan of the first prototypes in this year and will try to show them at the next CCC congress in December, when the first satellite launch is planned within the next three years.

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