Most of us have already Ordered the Aakash Tablet as it costs us as low as rs-2500. You must have buyed it from website and it is expected to deliver the product to you within a Week. But now You have to wait till January 2012. The delivery of the Aakash Tablet will start from January 2012.

The Tablet is manufactured by DataWind , a canadian Company . The Product was about to launch in Nov but due to Some Problem they have delayed . Datawind has not given any reason for this delay. I think the reason is beacuse of High Volume Orders and Unplanned Approach.
In the website it shows the Aakash tablet are sold off and pre-order option for the UbiSlate 7 which was about to release in Jan 2012 will also be dalayed due to the current Situaltion.


Source – The Mobile Indian

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