Earlier people would dream about using their phones as a primary computer and now it is becoming a reality. Modern smartphones are easily more powerful than the customers that use just a couple of years ago, we have seen many unsuccessful attempts to turn the devices into new computers. Microsoft came up with so many promising products and now it is the turn of Samsung that has come up with a product that launches many successful new flagships- one of them is Samsung Dex that is making headlines almost everyday.

What is a Samsung Dex?

Samsung DeX is quite a lot more than your average docking station hardware. It comes with a platform that will turn your smartphone into a computing experience. The newest Galaxy Tab S4 along with Galaxy Note 9 can be extended to an external monitor with the help of an HDMI cable and it won’t have any docking station hardware needed. The DeX platform is compatible with the smartphones and projects a proper desktop environment to a monitor that is external and is in desktop mode. The apps optimized for DeX have a similar look compared to what you can find inside a PC environment so that you can experience the computing without working with the magnified phone apps.

Who can use this?

While consumers generally get by using their phones as their only way of using a computer, they tend to very satisfied by using DeX for a good desktop experience and the focus over here is DeX which is an enterprise. DeX improves security for your overall system, boosts productivity and also satisfies end users, especially those who are frustrated with their desktop computing experience.



The connectivity is actually much simpler than what you are thinking. You have to take the Galaxy Note 9, connect it to the adapter with the help of a type C cable and the HDMI from the other side of the adapter to the monitor. When you use your TV, do select the HDMI mode and you will be seeing a welcome screen that shows you all the features and how you should operate.

Road Warriors

The first DeX station is quite chunky and if you want to enjoy a full experience of a desktop, then you need to connect the monitor while you are packing the DeX station. This will also include a keyboard as well as a mouse. The DeX pad will allow the smartphone to save weight for road warriors. With the new DeX experience, you can always leave the station along with the pad at the office and then travel with the help of an HDMI cable.

Travel and hospitality

Most business centres have hotels that are common, but they also need computers, keyboards, monitors and personnel that is needed to keep them secure as well as maintain. It is also quite common for the visitors to log inside the accounts on the computers while opening for security breaches. If such centres were just external monitors and stations, then the users would take care of their own responsibility, provide the power and also give you a familiar experience of a computer all over the world.


The price of the DeX pad is going at 68.88 dollars. The regular price has gone up to 100 dollars if you get hold of the USB types and the HDMI. There is literally no ethernet port that is used on the DeX Pad, but that won’t have any cooling fan and must be charged up while the phone is still in use. The weight is only 135.4 kg and is a lot more portable than just a DeX station.

Although Samsung Galaxy is currently trending across the world with the help of its computing solution, many others are also looking to make the smartphone with the computing device easier. Huawei has recently launched the Desktop Mode with the help of its newest phones. When the HDMI cable has been connected with the help of an external display, the desktop environment will be projected from the phone towards the monitor

We hope you have enjoyed reading our article. We will back soon with more updates on Samsung Dex!