When you are driving all your efforts in developing your startup website and calculating your on-site SEO factors, it is critical to have a procedure in mind to ensure that you have not overlooked any important attribute of your site or SEO. There are many factors that determine the overall success of your ongoing SEO campaign. In order to stay ahead in the SEO game, here are some of the things that need your proper attention:

Server Setup

Paying attention to hosting and server issues during the process of building a startup website is extremely necessary. Take a look at some the things that you should consider about server setup during the launch of the site:


Run your website and verify these points before and after the launch of your startup in order to make certain that the web pages are included in the search index.


Needless to say, content is the main criteria that define the overall success of a startup website and how it is going to be visible on the top of the search engine rankings. Ensure these content management factors on your site for a better SEO:


With the rise in mobile users, most of the websites are now being accessed from compact devices. For mobile SEO, you should check these elements:


Taking care of the basics on your website determines the overall success of your SEO campaign. Pay attention to the aforementioned factors and develop a great startup site.