Arielle Zuckerberg, the sister of Facebook founder, on his Facebook profile released that  she works for Google and she is very proud.

“I am in Israel and I just found out that I was one of the employees at Google. I will not lie to you. It’s a weird feeling, but I am also proud that I am part of the Wildfire team,” says Arielle in a post on her wall.

Arielle in fact last year got a job in the Wildfire company as a manager, leading internet media promotion using circus troupes, like the famous circus Cirque du Soleil.

Given that the company recently is acquired by Google, Arielle is automatically became his employee, which is actually pretty interesting situation.

Another Randy Zuckerberg’s sister (a former marketing director and spokesperson for Facebook), Arielle was congratulated with the comment that “now more family members Zuckerberg works in Google than Facebook,” but it is not clear what she meant, so immediately has began to circulate stories that Google bought the company RtoZ Media to spite Mark.

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