There are various types of websites belonging to different niches which are available online. For instance, we have social media websites like Twitter, blogging sites like the BlogSpot, photography website like Flickr and so on. You, as a business owner, will also have your business website, no matter what industry your business operates. Your site serves as one of the primary tools for your online marketing; it is the only visual presence for many customers. Incorporating SQL programming on your business website will help to take your business marketing one step further. It might just give you the edge that you are looking for over your competitors. This article will help you understand why you need to have SQL on your business website.

Two types of Web sites:

Websites are mainly of two different types: these are static and the dynamic websites. Static websites are basic versions of websites. To change the content on a static site, it is crucial that the webmaster should modify the whole source code in the HTML file. But in the dynamic site, they will be connected to central databases. This will allow information to get saved in the database and the content will be differing for different users.

The static website is easy to make, and they are also quite straightforward. A dynamic website will, however, require the users to learn at least four languages in minimum: that is the HTML, the CSS, a language for web programming which the user will need to use for creating the software and also the database’s language. Some of the examples of web programming languages are the PHP, the ASP, and a few others.

At present, there are mainly four main databases which are available for doing web programming. These are MySQL, the SQLServer, then Oracle and the PostgreSQL. However, the most powerful database used on the Internet is the Microsoft’s SQL Server which is followed by MySQL. MySQL is used primarily for the web programming language PHP. The SQL Server will be used with programming languages of Microsoft like ASP and Dot NET but it not just limited to this.

MySQL: Understanding the basics

As noted above, the MySQL is most popular among those people who are using the Perl or the PHP. MySQL is, at present, getting developed by a company called Sun Microsystems. It can serve various purposes. There different types of databases for MySQL are available online for public use. Some popular examples are MySQL enterprise, Cluster, Community servers and so on. The Community Server version is the MySQL version which is most popular in use.

SQL Servers: Understanding the basics

SQL Servers are however getting developed and made by Microsoft. This server can get easily obtained from a Microsoft Store, but you can buy it in bulk as well. SQL Server will get used by a lot of Microsoft applications like the .NET, the Visual Studio, the BizTalk Server and also Microsoft Office. It will offer scalability which a lot of programmers like to use and are the best and popular types of databases in use. Besides these, Microsoft will also have the requisite expertise to provide you excellent support teams which are quite good in the SQL Servers. This will allow your questions to be answered faster when compared to the community forums.

What is Oracle?

Oracle is also another quite popular database which is extensively used in web programming. It can run comfortably with a lot of different operating systems like Windows, Ubuntu, Linux and a lot of others. At present, there are four different versions from which you can choose the database, and each of them has their unique features. There will also be different versions which are catered for your mobile devices too, besides the standard and the premium versions.


PostgreSQL is also a popular cross-platform and an open source database. Some of the most renowned users who use PostgreSQL are MySpace, Yahoo, Orkut and Skype, and a lot of other popular websites. It is highly flexible, and Yahoo has modified the PostgreSQL for being able to store two thousand terabytes of enhanced storage.

There are a lot of other databases that you can choose from based on what is explicitly required.The users will be able to use the four different databases which are available to them, considering that they have the right budget and necessary resources. You can learn about SQL programming at


Hopefully, the information given in this article will help you to decide about your SQL Programming.